Wishing Belle: A Short but Well-lived Life

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“Peace is not the absence of conflicts, strifes or disturbances. It is the divine gift of the ability to remain faithful, calm and patient in spite of the panic of unfulfilled dreams, unpleasant circumstances and unavoidable uncertainty.” 

This saying was quoted from Charles Swindoll’s book- Daughters of the King. And this message cuts deep within my heart and will always be a reminder every time I think about a dear friend and a partner. Those were the last inspiring words posted at her Instagram account two days before she unexpectedly rest in peace. 

Goodbye, Wishingbelle.

We all know the saying that there’s a reason for each and every person we met and I firmly believe it is true. Today, we would like to honor one of the most beautiful woman in the history of Mumsdaily Ph. She’s a dear friend, a hardworking chemist, a dedicated blogger, a wonderful daughter and sister, a caring wife and a loving mother. Having a friend with a good soul like Mommy Adel or Wishingbelle as she was known for in her personal blog, sometimes makes me want to ask why such a wonderful person should suffer and be taken away from her loved ones? 

It was a sudden death that shocked each and every one of us, most especially her family last July of this year 2017. Up until now, I still couldn’t believe that a simple high and low temperature could become fatal. Truly, cancer chooses no one and this incurable big C has taken over a beautiful life in just three weeks after what we thought is just an ordinary fever or flu was surprisingly an Acute Leukemia. This is the sad story of our dearest co-founder, our blog manager, our very own Mommy Adel who battled with a disease which neither of us knew (even her) existed in her system and took her life away from us so suddenly. How could such an active, joyful and sweet woman be seriously ill? Life is really full of surprises.

Reminiscing how we started.

It was two years ago in a Mompreneur Summit by Mommy Mundo when we first met and immediately got connected to each other through a common friend.

By sharing the same passion, interests and advocacy- teaming up together led us to a whole new perspective of creating meaningful connections in the pursuit of making a difference. In a span of less than a year, a blog community was launched, which we named Mumsdaily Ph. Thanks to you, our dear Wishingbelle for without you, the name would’ve not been possible.

Remembering Wishing Belle.

To me, as a friend and a partner- she’s probably the most jolly person in the group. The one who can throw a serious talk but could still crack a joke in the midst of pressure. Surely, everyone will feel light. Her ways would always remind me to take things easy, slowly but surely.

She inspires me with her passion for travel and adventure and how she dress up herself with confidence was awakening. I truly appreciate her genius ideas whenever we are faced with struggles in decision making and planning. She must’ve been the brain of our blog too, having the aptitude for writing not just for Mumsdaily Ph but her personal blog, wishingbelle.com.

She has a kind heart and a good soul without prejudice. I’ve seen how she believed in second chances and that she values righteousness, fairness and equality among relationships be it friendship or business. 
I would like to thank her for teaching me how to love life in spite of the many struggles and uncertainty. For believing that life is short and that we must live each and every moment as if it was our last. To travel, to eat and to enjoy. To love, forgive and to trust. 
We may have known each other in a short period of time, and that our friendship was short lived but in my heart, I believed that what we shared together during her days was a meaningful one.

Her wisdom is one of a kind and she has lived a beautiful life. Sometimes, I still wish that she's here. I prayed many times before, for her to win the battle and that she may live longer. She could've done more. We could've accomplished a lot. We'll still travel together. We'll blog more! Those were our plans. But only GOD knows better than we are. I can never thank God enough for giving me a friend like you, Mommy Adel and I love you so much! 
-Mommy Betchie

Adel is truly an inspiration to everyone. She lived her life with positivity, contentment and happiness. She never failed to give time and advice when needed. I can say that I have found a genuine friend in her ... someone who understands ... someone who really cares ... someone who lends shoulder to lean on. I miss our late night chats about everything. We always end them with a smiley. 

There was a moment in our friendship that we just looked to each other’s eyes and then our tears fell down. We cried even without me saying anything to her. She felt what I was feeling at that time and she showed her understanding and compassion. I love her so much. I just found out recently that she loves me dearly and considers me as her real friend. She became my strength through tough times. I still owe her big time! 

EASY (Elizabeth, Adel, Shalimar, Yami) Moms will remain intact. It just became much better — EASY (Elizabeth, ANGEL Adel, Shalimar, Yami). Heaven gained an angel and we, as her friends, gained a beautiful angel as well. I know she still looks after me and prays for my happiness. Everytime I miss her, i just talk to her in prayers. Thank you mommy Adel! I love you.
-Mommy Shali

Mommy Adel is more than just a friend and a mission partner to me. We created several connections throughout more than a decade of real friendship. We enjoyed a group travel in and out the country. Sad to say, we have more on the list and our next travels won’t be the same. It was a blessing that we stocked up many happy memories during our travels, plus countless gimmicks, dining meet-ups and annual activity like Visita Iglesia and Christmas Party. 

From immature to mature conversations, we managed to empower our relationship as a team for a lot of mission (for mothers and for couples). The last one year of life with her was the best. We became even closer and I considered her as a “sister”. She is my pusher. She pushed me to continue my blog, to stand on my faith and to believe in myself. I will never forget her words, “Don’t look down on yourself because not everyone can express the way you express yourself.” 

She became the bridge over troubled waters because of her calmness. God is so good because He gave me a friend who respects me for being me. She is a brainy woman but she honored my thoughts and ideas. Not only does she have a big brain, but also has a big heart. But the last three weeks were the saddest moment of my life. 

I've witnessed how she became so worried, in pain and remain faithful to God. With her struggle in the hospital, she was able to lift me up. Because I know she felt my sadness. That’s how sensitive she was. It’s so painful when a person whom you’re getting strength and self-confidence is gone. Hu!Hu! I miss you Mareng Adel. I really really miss you. I try to avoid moments like this because it makes me sad. But since it’s your birthday, I would love to honor you. You are alive in my heart and in my mind. Your words will remain in me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life to me and my family. Thank you big time! I love you so much! 
-Mommy Yami

Loosing someone is painful, knowing that you'll never be able to be with that person again. But there's one valuable lesson that we can all take away from her story- the faithfulness and the calmness of spirit that she possess from the beginning of her battle, up until her last minute here on earth. Her strength has become an inspiration for all of us to pursue life, dreams and ambitions in spite of. For most people it must be hard, never been easy, said or done. But witnessing how she fought while staying positively charged on what tomorrow will bring and lifting everything to our Creator was awe-inspiring. 

Life and everything in between is truly uncertain. And with this we have come to also realize the value of time and the importance of creating memories with your loved ones and those people whom you truly care about. 

There are still tons of why’s and how's which left us hanging for the last three months, hence we were silent while recovering from the pain of this heart breaking news. But we must all move on because only God knows the perfect reasons why. His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts than our thoughts… 

Life may be too short for her but she had a well-lived life. She fought a good fight. She was strong and courageous. She has created wonderful memories with her family, and her time here on earth was never wasted. Her message for us has been clear- that we must go on and continue, for we believe that it is in her delight to see us grow and nurture what we all have started.

Mumsdaily Ph may never be the same again. We'll be missing one single piece forever, but in our hearts we will always be complete, our memories of togetherness is alive and our journey will continue.

To our dearest Mommy Adel, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven! 
You are loved and will always be remembered...

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