Single Parents' Benefits under Solo Parent Act of the Philippines

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Single parenthood is one of the hardest jobs one could ever have. Do you know that our government provides benefits to single parents through "The Solo Parents' Welfare Act of 2000"? Unfortunately not all of us are aware of this act. Personally, I got to know about this through my colleague in my previous job in 2008. This is not one of the famous law orders or controversial republic acts our country has, that's why.

Here are some of the important benefits our government gives the solo parents:

1. Flexible Work Schedule

     Solo parents may be grant a flexible working schedule by the employer provided that it will not affect individual and company productivity.

2. No Work Discrimination

     Any solo parent shall be given equal rights and should not be discriminated by the employer with respect to terms and conditions of employment on account of his/her status.

3. Parental Leave (Solo Parent Leave)

       A solo parent who has rendered at least one (1) year of service in a company shall be given an additional parental leaves of not more than seven (7) working days every year on top of the leave privileges under existing laws. Meaning to say, they will have solo parent leaves of 7 days aside from the vacation and sick leaves that a regular employee has. Solo parent leaves are not convertible to cash. Any leave not availed within the calendar year shall be forfeited. The leaves can be availed under any of the following circumstances provided that the children are living with you, unmarried, unemployed and below 18 years old:

     3.1. Attend to children's school activities.

     3.2. Attend to personal events or milestones of the children such as birthday, graduation, etc.

     3.3. Attend to medical, spiritual and social needs of the children.

4. Any solo parent whose income in the place of domicile falls below the poverty threshold as set by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and subject to the assessment of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) worker in the area shall be eligible for assistance:

     4.1. Livelihood Program

     4.2. Counseling Services

     4.3. Preventive Stress Management Assistance

     4.4. Legal and Medical Assistance

     4.5. Educational Assistance - Scholarship programs for qualified solo parents and their children in institutions of basic, tertiary and technical/skills education.

     4.6. Housing Benefits - Solo parents shall be given allocation in housing projects.

     4.7. Medical Assistance -  The Department of Health shall develop a comprehensive health care program for solo parents and their children.  

As a proof that you are a solo parent, you must secure a solo parent ID. The following documents must be provided to DSWD in applying for an ID:

     a. Barangay certification certifying Solo Parent's residency in the barangay for the last 6 months.

     b. Certificates such as birth certificates of children, death certificate of spouse, legal separation papers, annulment papers and other appropriate documentary support.

     c. Income tax return or any document to show the income level of the solo parent.

In order to fully understand the act in detail, please check this link - Solo Parent Act.

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