How To Make Kids Get Smarter Thru Their Mistakes

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Recently I’ve read about this news on the importance for kids to pay closer attention to their mistakes because it can be beneficial to grow their intelligence and bounce back effectively from it.

It is a study from Michigan State University, a one of the first investigations into mindset and the related brain workings of children, which suggests “that teachers and parents should help children to pay more attention to the mistakes they make so they can better learn from them, as opposed to shying away from or glossing over mistakes.”
Participants from the said study were aged at 7 on average.
For them, this is the time when most children are making difficult transition to formal schooling and when mindsets have their most noticeable impact on academic achievement.
In this context, it gives me an idea to share what we can do as moms/parents to help our children develop their intelligence and not let them think that intelligence is a fixed mindset gifted to a few or hereditary that are transmitted from the genes of smart moms. (I’ve read that study, too – and they claim that genes from moms are not sole determinant of intelligence but a 40 to 60 percent factor. This means that there’s a chunk of non-genetic influences on child’s intelligence, too.)

So, how do we make our children smart by making them acknowledge their mistakes and giving them opportunities to learn thru looking into their errors?
The first step is for you to set the proper tone for their brain to acknowledge what went wrong.
Here’s some sets of common scenarios where our response could help increase their brain activity, which translates to more awareness to what went wrong and what they should do next time to improve their performance on the task at hand.

When we grown-ups describe the problem, it gives children a chance to tell themselves what to do.

When a child is given information and a child’s struggle is respected, he gathers courage and can usually figure out for himself what needs to be done.
With these simple scenarios, I hope that these will illustrate how we can supplement our child’s need to figure out for them what’s wrong. 
There are a lot more serious mistakes that even a little one can commit and how we react on each time they messes up, can be rubbed of on our little ones. 
Be mindful and be reminded that without giving them opportunity to address it, their brains will not develop the growth needed to help them bounce back from those mistakes.
Moms in particular have significant role in giving our children a proper mindset in life. As studies suggested, a secure emotional bond between mother and child is crucial for the growth of some parts of the brain. 
A child's environment and our responses when he does mistakes can make or break his full potential to develop brain growth.
So, let’s help them acknowledge the errors they do and promote the attitude of fixing it.

Hope this post helps you and let me know your thoughts about it, mums!

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