Fun Ways to Spend Father's Day with the Family

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Father’s Day is due in a week’s time and most of us might be thinking or planning of something special to do to celebrate this weekend with the greatest Dads in our lives. Surely, fathers would love to receive some special gifts too, but most of the time, this annual occasion is preferably spent with the whole family around, especially the kids while doing some activities with their fathers or grandpas. 

I’ve gathered some of the simple yet meaningful Father’s Day activities that will help you keep the bonds, to honor your Dads and create lasting memories with them. Check out these fun father and son or father and daughter activities that you might want to try this father’s day:

Spend an afternoon Biking

Spending the day or a cool afternoon cruising around the park with two-wheels is fun and healthy too, not just for the kids, but also the dads. No bike problem? Check out Nuvali’s biking trail where you can rent a bike hourly and stroll around their cool surroundings with the view of the lake on the side. It’ll surely be fun.

Go Fishing

One of the unique activities that my husband and my son tried recently was fishing. A short road trip to the nearest beach along with some fishing rods and fish feeds is a fun way of spending the day to create memories with the family. You might want to bring some portable grilling table too and grill all those fresh catch while spending the rest of the day swimming!

Take him out to the Golf Course

Whether Dad is a pro or a newbie in the golf course, a day of golfing is definitely fun and memorable for dads and kids alike. Malarayat Golf and Country Club offers day tour golf packages for those who would fancy an afternoon golfing. If you wish to stay longer too, they have hotel room accommodations that are comfortable and homey to complete that short daddy’s day fun away.

Try Archery

A night into a live ball game maybe one of the things that some Daddies would love to tick off from their bucket list. But if the timing and schedule isn’t right yet to cover the occasion, perhaps an hour or two at the archery range is one of the coolest things a father and son or even a daughter and dad can do. It’s one of a kind and something not ordinary too! It will surely be a fun filled day for the whole family.

Have a movie night

Cool movies were just out and about to be shown on theaters in time for the upcoming Father’s day! We’re looking forward to watch Transformers but then, we wanted to do it a little later after the occasion to spare us from long queues and the crowded malls. One of the inexpensive yet memorable things to do on this occasion if you love movies is a movie night at the comforts of your home. Whether you have that luxurious home theater or a flat screen TV in your room, it’s the perfect time to bake daddy some home-made pizzas, and pop-up those cheesy popcorns while goofing on the bed or the couch and watching your favorite movie. Simple yet cool and meaningful.

There are a lot of fun ways to enjoy the celebration depending on your preference and the lifestyle you are into. Gifts and surprises shouldn’t always be luxurious and expensive. The key is to make every moment count. Get the most out of it during those rare times that we are with our Dads. Let us honor the dads in our lives for all the sacrifices and hard work they have done to make our lives better. Make it memorable and meaningful!

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads! 
You are a blessing to each and every family!

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