Part 2: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

9:11 PM

Mother’s Day is on May 14. Don’t be silly; it’s also on May 21 and the rest of the weekend of the year. Says me. LOL.

Well from a mom’s point of view, there’s always something to celebrate about although we tend to make it more like a family fun day. But if you give some thoughts to what your mom may appreciate receiving from you, it will surely melt her heart (aside from the thrill of receiving something from you!).

It could be a small gift, a card with a message from the heart, a phone call or a getaway. Whatever it is, make it something special and a little well thought of so she’ll surely enjoy this one-day that’s dedicated for moms.

Honestly, I must have written this post for my husband because I surely love to receive any of these on Mother’s Day. And I’m sharing it to all husbands and children as well because whatever day you wish your wife and/or mom feel she’s appreciated, try to give something that she really wants. 

Here’s part 2 of rounding up a few more gift ideas if you haven’t picked yet from our previous post. Hope these gifts are helpful options for you!

A Day Tour at the newest Aqua Park in Taal Lake, how about some thrilling aqua experience for the moms who loves the sand, sea and sun with little adventure from Club Balai Isabel Resort?

Or a spa package perhaps to pamper and have a relaxation. Try Hanging Garden Spa Package at Luljettas. The experience which I've originally shared here never gets old from me.

If she doesn't feel like moving an inch away from home, try to bring her some of these good things. These stuff are ageless.

JO MALONE'S COLOGNE: Rustan's or Alternative
JAPANESE CHEESECAKE: Kumori or Uncle Tetsu
PJ SET: Mark & Spencers, H&M, Forever 21

TORY BURCH TOTE: Rustan's or Alternative

So, what did you pick for mom this year?
Happy shopping! 

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