Happy Mother's Day!!!

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According to Wikipedia, celebration of Mother’s Day began in the 20th century in the United States.     And I guess it is well-known around the world because of commercialism.  Buying gifts, flowers, pre-made cards and beautiful graphics are just part of honoring the most important person in the world.

It is indeed true that all mothers deserve an outward respect because they are the people who have done more and contributed immeasurable ways in building our society.

Every mother has an inspiring story to tell.  Mothers reflect the real meaning of life.  Each of us became an inspiration from generation to generation. All the sacrifices, perseverance and dreams mirrored a motherhood. Motherhood starts from taking good care and preparing themselves to conceive a baby up to guiding their children in raising their own.  It never stops! No amount of money is enough to compensate the work of being a mother.  Seeing our children happy, righteous and know how to show gratitude makes the life of a mother WORTHY.

On Mother’s Day of 2017, let me share with you some thoughts from children about their mother. An honoring that can surely give joy to their hearts. A message from the bottom of a child's heart to his/her dear mother is priceless and better than any material gift we can give them. 
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Here are some of the overwhelming messages of children who replied to my request for simple message for their mother.  

  1. A mother as a SURVIVOR
Mothers are survivor.  They are exposed to several health issues due to stress. With several hats mothers are wearing sometimes their health are being neglected.  With the scariest health challenges, mothers do survive. 
Here’s the message for Digna Holgado, who went into sickness several years ago but survived and now celebrating life with an engineer son and law student daughter. 
Happy mother's day mama! Thank you for never failing to show your supportfor me, together with papa, in all of my endeavors. (Naks) hahaha. From the smallest, such as my singing, to the most challenging yet, which is law school. Thank you for being my best friend, and for trusting me and my decisions as an adult while still taking care of me like a child. Thank you so much po sa lahat mama!! I'm praying for your consistent good health and happiness. Stay beautiful like me! Hahaha. I love you po mama!! God bless! -Dea

2. A mother as a HARD-WORKER
If you ask what do you mean by hardworking, that is being a mother.  
Cecille Mangabat, a saleslady turned business owner because of hard work.  She is a mother of 3, a chemical engineer, a scholar and growing up beautiful lady.

Let me just take this chance ma, to express how much you really mean to me,

and how much I love you, I know that this simple message ay hindi mapapantayan lahat ng mga binigay mo samen pero gusto ko lang igrab tong chance na to na ikaw naman yung ipagmamalaki ko kase i'm really blessed to have you. Mom, thank you for telling me my capabilities. For giving me the support that I needed to build a dream to chase after. And for believing that I have a talent to reach my goals. Thank you for supporting me in my journey even if it doesn’t seem logical at times, and for recognizing that its what i need to do and for hearing me out. Thank you for showing me what hard work looks like. For showing me that nothing comes easy, and that countless hours of blood, sweat and tears does really pay off. Mom, Thank you for making me realize that I am worth everything in this world. That I should be treated like a queen, and I should never settle less than what i deserve. Thank you for giving me shoulder to cry on, and to let me know that the world wasn't crashing down around me as much as I believed it was at a time. Thank you for getting to know my friends, all of them to make sure that I’m choosing them wisely, that I was continually surrounding myself with respectable and responsible people through each and every phase of my life. Thank you for giving me tips how to dress like a girl, for teaching me manners and how to act like a lady. Thank you for showing me what a true battle looks like. Thank you for showing me how to fight for what I believe in. For giving me strength to stand up for myself and expect nothing less than the very best. Mom, at the end of the day as I drift off to sleep. I think how incredibly lucky i am to have you in my life. Each and everyday, I thank God for my blessings. I thank him for my brothers, my good health and most importantly for you mommy, sa inyo ni daddy. I know it may not always seem this way especially when I get into those bad moods. But i take full accountability for all those times i've released my anger and frustration on you. I imagine I must not be too pleasant when I act this way. I love you and I hope this simple message expresses how much i really mean when I say those words to you.-Chloe

3. A mother as a picture of HUMILITY
A mother possesses a very strong personality.  She dreams high, she perseveres, she always has solution to problems, she dictates and she stands by her decision.  They say, “Mothers know best”.  But mothers are also human who have flaws, weaknesses and failures but know how to accept it and stand to be corrected. Mothers learn from different mistakes and stay humble at all times. 
Delia Barrera, a mother of four.  She learned to respect the differences of her children and support all her children’s endeavors.

Mama, there aren't enough words for me to convey how grateful I am as your daughter. But as I am, I'm fully aware of how much love you poured into raising the four of us siblings. That in itself is already the greatest gift we could have had. Speaking for the four of us, surely, we cannot ask for any other "mama" other than you. Thank you Ma and Happy Mothers' Day! :D  - Aira
For how many years, I've been posting stuff and telling people how wonderful you are. I may have ran out of things to say about you, but there's always this something I want people to know again, something I would never get tired of saying, something I would be glad to repeat over and over. Mama, I love you. Things may change over the years, but the fact that the four of us love you so much never will. We are beyond grateful to be part of a family with such a loving and fun mother as you. We may sometimes fail to show it but do know that everything you do and sacrifice for us is much appreciated. We are proud of you, Ma! Always.  And if you ever wonder if you've been a good mom to us, trust me; no one can ever surpass you for you are just the best. Thank you, Ma! Happy Mothers' Day! - Angel
Happy mothers day mama! Sobrang thankful po ako na naging mama kita. Thank you po kasi kahit minsan may topak ako, lagi niyo kong iniintindi. Thank you rin po kasi pinapafeel niyo talaga samin yung love niyo lalo na kay papa. Lahat ng ginawa niyo para samin; yung paggising sa umaga, pag bigay ng pagkain pag gutom kami, pag saway niyo sa amin, ay worth it lahat para lang sumaya at lumaki kaming tama. Thank you for giving us wonderful life and I'll forever cherish all these little things you've done for us . Happy mother's day mama. I love you! – Adrian
Mama, Happy Mothers' Day po! Unang-una sa lahat, thank you po sa lahat ng ginawa nyo sa amin. Thank you po sa best na inilaan nyo sa pamilya natin. Thank you po sa pag-aaruga at pag-alaga nyo sa amin. Sorry po kung minsan, may hindi pagkakaintindihan na nangyayari, pero don't worry nalang po doon kasi ngayon, kailangan po natin magcelebrate. This Mothers' day, we should honor and celebrate your good deeds and your hard work unto us. May God bless you in a day full of love. Muling binabati, Happy Mothers' day po! We love you!-Ara
4. A mother as an ADVOCATE

Mothers were born with its mission to raise their children and do their part on the community.  They love to explore, connect, inspire and make a difference.

Sherrie Lou Carpio is a seaman's wife with three children. During the early years of her marriage,she believed that marriage is about "workshop".  Husbands work while wives shop. It sounds silly but sometimes it's true.  Throughout the marriage, she learned the importance of financial literacy.  Today, she supports a group that promote fight against poverty through financial education. This day she deserve a message from her first born.

I love you, Mom, with all my heart.
I've loved you from the very start.
Thank you for supporting me all these years.
Thank you for being there to wipe my tears.
Thank you for standing by me through thick and thin,
For not giving up on me when I didn't win.
When I lose my way,
You help me get back on track.
When in pain,
Your comfort soothes and brings me back.
When I couldn't go on,
You carried me long miles.
When I didn't believe,
You restored my smiles.
Eomma, Kamsahamnida.
For your guidance and the faith you've shown,
For giving me a safe place where I have grown.
For showing me how to strive,
Because of your love,
I know I will survive.

I should have heeded your advice,
I should have listened, when you warned me twice.
I should have heard you out,
When you showed caution.
I should have valued,
Your priceless opinion.
I'm sorry Mom, If I haven't see,
All the sacrifices you've made for me.
For all the things I went through,
At the end, I realized what you said was true.
Eomma, I'm sorry for all the fights,
Especially the ones that lasted all night.
Eomma, Mianhe.
For all the tough times I put you through,
But even though how many times we fight,
I'll always love you with all my might.

You're my superhero, saving me through every life's battle.
Saving me Through every vicious monster.
You're my teacher, teaching me all the things I should and shouldn't do.
Teaching me how to love, just like you.
You're our referee, preventing us from fighting each other.
Showing us the right manner.
You may not be our cook,
But that doesn't even matter,
You're our dearest and most special Mother.
Eomma, You're everything to me.
I love you, Saranghae.
Happy Mothers' Day!
행복한 어머니의 날!

The above reflections may not be enough to describe a mother.  All of us has our own victories in every part of our life.  A message of gratification from our dear children is the true essence of this wonderful day. 

To all mothers, we salute you!!

Happy Mother's Day!

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