10 Unique Gift Ideas Every Mom Will Love

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Hello there, Mums! 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, can you feel it? I believe each and every Mom deserves to be treated on this special celebration. We all deserve to be loved and spoiled in sweet and special ways, aren’t we? And while, we are excited to receive some surprises on our day, we might be thinking about our dear Moms, Mom-in-law and Grand Moms too. Have you picked anything for the special Moms in your life yet?

Sending flowers year after year can become way too boring and repetitive so I’d thought of gathering below my top picks for the Moms who deserve some love on Mother’s day. I swear, they would love this more than a bouquet of flowers will do!

Succulent Gift arrangements and Giveaways are available at Urban Gardens Ph.
Check them out on Facebook and Instagram @urbangardensph
Fresh flowers are the most common Mother’s day surprise for ages. But today, I honestly find it a bit boring especially if you’re like me who get used to receiving flowers and buying my own fresh flowers for my vases at home at any day of the week. Why not make an impression to your moms and wife by giving them a succulent arrangement or if you are generous enough, a succulent dish garden that they can admire and grow in the house. Apart from their addicting charm, they are eco-friendly and long lasting too.

Hand-crafted Accessories 
Hand-crafted heirloom custom jewelries from House of Heirloom
Instagram: @houseofheirloom 
For the mom who loves to accessorize and has an eye for exquisitely unique jewelry pieces, these hand-crafted heirloom pieces is just perfect! I am one fan of those hand-crafted, unique and dainty necklaces that truly makes a statement. Level up your mom’s or wife’s #ootd by gifting them these lovely custom jewelry and accessories. Oh, I would certainly love to receive one!

Tea set is fine
(Venus Tea Set) Fine Porcelain Tea Sets and Handmade Bohemian Glassware
Available at Grace Home Manila. Instagram: @gracehomemanila 
For the mom who has an ardor for gracefulness and enjoys intimate home tea parties, or perhaps she just loves coffee time with friends at home- a fine porcelain tea set collection is something she would drool for on this occasion. Spoil her with generous love by giving her that lovely tea set she was longing for so long. 

Pillows Please
Tropical Collection Throw Pillows available at Grace Home Manila
Instagram: @gracehomemanila
While others would fancy for a luxurious tea set as a collection, some of our moms would desire for a more laid-back and relaxed environment at home. Admit it, we love decorating our interiors and changing colors and themes for every season. One of the perfect gifts to give moms this season is a throw pillow! It’s the easiest and most practical way to freshen up the look and feel of the home.

A Photo Book
Fotograbooks photo book is available in 5x5 and 8x8 sizes in 60, 80 and 100 pages.
Visit www.fotogra.ph; Instagram: @fotograbooks  
For me, nothing beats personalized gift items that truly make a mark in the heart. Our moms gave us life, why not give her a lifetime of memories? This might be the perfect time of the year to collect all those happy moments with your mom and gather them in one photo book. Surely, this is very touching. After all, memories are for keeps!

Tote for Thought
Personalized Tote Bags , Towels and Blankets embroidered by hand from Monogram It by Ash and Muff
Visit www.ashandmuff.com; Instagram: @ashandmuff 
Luxury designer bags might just be one of the many gift ideas that husbands and grown up children are thinking for Mother’s day. But for me, it’s always the thought and practicality that matters. Summer is still around the corner and those leather bags might not be the perfect tow for a beach or summer getaway. I’ve always been stalking these types of customized canvas totes on Instagram because they are way too pretty to ignore. Give the moms in your life a personalized monogrammed tote with her name or initial on it. She’ll love it for sure!

Customized Kitchen Tools 
Personalized Cutting Board made of Wood available at Etsy.com
If there would be one place in the house where you can always find your mom even if eyes were closed, it’s in the kitchen. It is where the heart of the home is, isn’t it? One of the thoughtful ways to surprise the moms in your life this season is by upgrading her kitchen. Why not give her some customized cooking tools like a personalized chopping board or perhaps a customized apron, ladles, or kitchen towels. It would be nice to see them hanging around every time, isn’t it?

Tealight for the Light 
Functional hand-crafted customized objects made of reclaimed wood makes a lovely addition to any home, office or space. Available at Treen Manila. Visit www.treenmanila.com; Instagram: @treenmanila
Tea light candles and holders are one of the most functional yet stylish accessories that are always available for the home. Apart from its many uses and features, scented tea lights gives out a therapeutic and relaxing vibe paired with your favorite scented oils. A customized tea light holder might be something special for the light of the home. This will remind our moms that she is priceless and that her light is most significant in our lives. 

Garden Seed Kit
Vegetable, Herbs and Flower Seed Kits available at Etsy.com
Moms are the most practical multitasking creatures. They could wear many hats all at the same time. Some of the moms would fancy having their own pocket garden of herbs and vegetables that they can cultivate on weekends or some might be just like me who’s always in the look-out for flower seeds that I can grow in my tiny home garden. For the moms who were gifted with a green thumb, a garden seed kit or flower seed kit might just be the perfect gift this mother’s day. I’m sure they would love to see those seeds grow and harvest on them after some time. 

Winsome Gift Box
Winsome Box is a gifting brand that offers curated gift boxes and various gifting packages and services for any occasion. Know more about them on Facebook: Winsome Box and Instagram: @winsomebox
If you'll ask me what would I like to receive on Mother’s day? I might opt to get a box of everything I like from all of the above, carefully curated and delivered to my doorstep. Isn’t it always nice to get lovely surprises out from a box? Curated gift boxes that are carefully and purposely selected are what’s “in” these days. Gifting that is thoughtful and beautiful and wonderful… it’s a win! Get a customized box for the moms in your lives this mother’s day!

There you have it! I hope you’d be able to pick one from the list above. And may we always be reminded that thoughtfulness and gratitude for our moms should not only be expressed on Mother’s day. Let us remember them every day, in action, in thoughts and in prayers. 

Are there any gift ideas you’d like to add? Share it on the comments below!

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