Travel Tips: 6 Essentials For Cold Weather Getaway

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Living on a tropical country all year round, we have our dream winter or spring vacation at some point. With more affordable flights going to cold places in Asia or far flung continents, it's no longer hard to afford it. The thing is we get a little too giddy about it and are clueless how challenging it can be on traveling to cold places.

That is particularly a problem for us women and/or mums with children on tow especially when we only have a few days of squeezed getaway. We know how hard it is to plan the itinerary and the wardrobe must-haves. It's like getting your 7-day life in a bag and planning to bring at least 30 outfits just to be sure!

If you're wondering what you truly need to bring on your cold weather travel, this post is for you. This is a guide to help you pack your essentials so that you will be comfortable and enjoy your freezing temperature getaway. Here is my recommended list of must-haves.

1. Lip Balm

A little stick of lip moisturizer goes a long way on a cold weather trip. Cold temperature zaps moisture on your lips making it prone to chap. I can swear how it does its magic to my son when we're having interstate travel on spring time in the US and to my hubs while on a winter weekend trip to Taipei.

2. Moisturizer

Just like the lip balm, it's essential to moisturize your face and the rest of your body. Don't underestimate how harsh cold weather can be to your skin even it's fully covered. I had my share of learning it the hard way when I forgot to moisturize my arms and legs the last time we had a cold weather trip. It became itchy and dry.

3. Thermal Suit

When you're on a budget and aiming to just have a carry-on luggage to pack everything, it's possible. Bringing all the thick clothing you have to keep you warm isn't the best solution. To reduce your luggage dramatically, leave most of them and invest on thermal tops and leggings for layering. They are must have light weight pieces on your bags.

4. Coats and Jackets

Needless to say, you need thick outer cover to keep you warm. Depending on how cold your destination can get, it's essential to bring one at least so you won't freeze. I'm not brave on cold weather so I like to wear one all the time while I'm outside and touring on a cold place. It depends on how you can withstand the cold temperature for long but for me I get chilled faster compared to others so I tend to bring extra jackets.

5. Accessories

Beanies, gloves and socks are equally important to avert freezing while on a trip. Keep yourself warm with all these essentials. They are little stuff that won't take up much space on your luggage and you can even slip it on your hand bag to help you keep warm all the time.

6. Stylish Scarves

Being fashionable on a cold winter tour can be the least of your priorities. Well, it doesn't take much effort to style your ensembles with this important piece for your cold weather getaway. While combating the chill, look good on every photograph you take from your dream places you long to see with some stylish scarves.  If you look good, you'll feel good about yourself, too.

And that's how you'll fully enjoy your cold weather tour. Beware though, having fun on your travel can make you dreamy to have another one!

'Til my next post! xo

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