Sweet and Unique Ways to Treat your Loved Ones on Valentine's Day

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I just flipped my desk calendar this morning and realized that the first month of the year just passed us by so quickly. Please do not judge me for being almost a week late. I feel like I'm still stuck from the hang over of the holidays. But seriously, where did time go? 

It's February! And i can feel that love is in the air. Apart from the chilly cold weather which was starting to end anytime soon, i can already smell fresh flowers and chocolates in every corners of the city signifying the Valentines Day. So, what could be the plans for this romantic celebration? I'd thought of sharing some sweet ways to treat your beloveds or perhaps your little family on  this special day apart from the usual dinner dates. Depending on how luxurious or how simple you'd like it to happen, here are some things that you might want to try on cupid's day.

Boodle Fight for Two

Perhaps the most conventional way to spend romantic dates on Valentine's Day would be a table for two, with a 5-course dinner meal and a glass of sparkling or red wine. However, I find it somehow very fancy and formal. At this age, i am not more of the kind who giggles for romantic dinner dates, (albeit appreciate it sometimes on special significant intimate occasions). But rather, I love to spend the day eating with my most comfortable table wares, not thinking about what to wear, and most of all sparing myself from braving all the traffic and jam-packed restaurant situations. 

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If you're the kind who's game for a little bit different yet still sweet and fun celebration with your loved one, you may opt to have a "boodle fight" for two. There are native restaurants that offers boodle in a "bilao" (circular basket) or you may want to do this at home. Cooking together and preparing everything could just add up to the romance and the excitement of the celebration.

A Therapeutic Massage

Valentine's Day this year falls on a weekday. And so, sometimes, planning for a dinner after work could be exhausting. Whilst booking your date the day before Valentine's sounds cool too. But i just learned that the day before cupid's day was dubbed as "Mistress' Day" and so you might not want to join the celebration. (Hahahaha!) 

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Spending an hour or two in a spa could be the least that you can do for yourself and your beloved. After all, its always nice to feel pampered and get that most needed rest and relaxation on a weekday. Book yourself and your loved one to a relaxing spa session and enjoy a therapeutic body massage that you could both benefit from.

Go Glamping!

While booking a hotel room is very common and most probably one of the hit among couples this season, some may find it a little boring despite the promise of comfort and relaxation. Glamping could be an alternative for the outdoor enthusiasts and those who would like to make the night extra special. Talking about glamping, its a more glamorous type of camping where you get to experience the luxury of a pre-pitched tent, complete with airbeds, linens, blankets and pillows in an outdoor setting just like camping (which is more like a survivor type of getaway). 

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You are not totally disconnected to the world, because just like any accommodation you can also have an electric fan (not an air-con ofcourse), a lamp with a dimmer, and electric sockets for your gadgets. You also have your own bathroom so you won't have to dig when you needed to out load some tummy baggage. They also offer full board meals- breakfast lunch and dinner. All of these 5-star hotel-like amenities present in a campsite, sounds sweet right? Then give it a try!

And for those who can't just leave the kids overnight, this is something fun and memorable for families too.

Seek for Adventure

For the adventurous types of couples, perhaps hiking and doing some Adrenalin rush activities is way more charming and liberating. Seeing the world in a different perspective and doing non-typical activities to celebrate cupid's day could just be something other couples would fancy. 

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Visiting an adventure park and hiking could be your thing or perhaps it's something that you would like to try out of the ordinary. There are quite a number of places fit for this kind of day trip or adventurous date. Spending the day with nature and your beloved seems to be an extremely unique and sweet escape. This is fun and exciting!

Splurge on a Luxury Loft

This one's for the lavish couples who wanted to experience a one of a kind staycation. Heard about boutique hotels that offers impressive amenities and services? There's plenty of these hotels and residences nowadays. And there's one that's just way too cool and modish with high-tech facilities, keyless security- everything was run by facial recognition and motion sensing automatic doors. 

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More than the modern technology, and the meticulously designed contemporary styling, imagine how luxurious it is to have your own private jet pool inside your loft and a sauna! I can sense how extravagant this valentine's celebration will be, truly unforgettable and one for the books, isn't it?

No matter how lavish or how simple you wanted to spend your Valentine's Day, it doesn't really matter because just like everyone else, all we wanted is not just to be loved, but also to be told that we are loved. Always remember that love is not meant to be given and received only on Valentine's Day. Instead, it is to be practiced every single day of the entire year.

So, how would you like to spend your Valentine's Day? Share it with us on the comments below!

Have fun and spread love!

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