Want A Better Year? Here Are Little Ways To Live a Happy Life for 2017

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Hi there mums! It's almost only a week before a new leaf from our calendar will be torn off. But it feels like we're still reflecting on how this new year will unfold. As they say, new year is always a fresh start to write beautiful stories for ourselves. It's a time we mostly make our resolutions to make us healthier which seems harder to accomplish or writing down our goals we want to achieve to be more successful in life. In short, we'd like to have better year this 2017.

When we want that, and everybody else do, it's important to make sure that we focus on the positive things! We're ready with what's next and we're excited about it, but along the way of achieving it, we get unhappy. We don't get the results we want, we get tired, we lost the courage, the resources are scarce, and everything else not falling into place. How do we move forward when crisis strikes. This post is about making sure that you'll have a happy year no matter what.

How to do it? Here's simple ways and to challenge you even to make this year a happy you everyday.

1.  Reflect.

You know why it's important to do this? There's a reason why we always read something about resolutions and plans of getting better at the start of the year because we would like something new. There may not be something wrong on you, but even for good times, we'd like to grow.

Reflection is a way to have a contended life. It's one way of accepting your past, no matter how bitter it was. Did you have a broken relationship? A bad deal that you'd like to forget? A lost cause that you put your time and effort for so long but did not give you the result you wanted? It's your way of revisiting what you felt that you should have done better such that those hard times from your yesteryears won't happen again.

In short, we need to learn by looking back. It may also be looking back for the sweet achievements we had, and we can only copy it if we make an inventory of the things we did in the past that we can be proud of. In time, reflection will give you confidence. And being confident for your year is achieving happiness.

2.  Be forgiving.

I have always seen this on my journals. It seems to me that forgiveness has always been a plan of action for me. Haha! It's really hard to forgive if others caused you so much pain. And so, it may be better if you can rename it and trick yourselves of how to do about it.

Be patient, be humble and having an open mind are just few of the same things that will lead you to forgiveness. Giving a lot of leeway to the imperfections of others is being patient. Having an open mind is accepting difficulties and challenges that life can throw you bad times and that you need to forgive yourself because there are things that are beyond your control. Being humble is respecting other views and life interpretations, such that you will gain from each other's wisdom if you allow it and humble yourselves and not just stick to what you conveniently think is right for you. Such may be easier said than done. But focus on the positive energy because that will make you happy.

3.  Practice and express gratitude always.

I hope this one will be a lot more easier than the other two. I know I've said that they are simple, but happiness is so elusive that it needs more work than just writing it down on a piece of paper. Practising to be always grateful is attracting what makes you happy. Expressing it towards the people around you is like planting seeds of happiness such that you'll have a plantation of happy trees! Can you imagine that? Isn't that awesome? So, practice and express gratitude and have more reasons to smile from within.

There are more ways to make a happier you. But I find this 3 steps easy to do. It may need a lot of effort depending on how much happiness we would like to achieve in our lives but do first the baby steps that will lead you to more avenues of achieving happy life.

I've always wanted to write something like this on my blog and they are just drafts sitting on my site years and years unpublished. I write something like this on my journal 5 years ago and it made me smile when times get tough. Our world today needs reminders more than it was before. Is it just motherhood that's wrecking our emotions and causing hormonal changes? Or maybe it's #adulting. 😏

For more doable action plans of having your best year, I've shared my scheme right here.

Happy New Year!

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