How to Survive Transition from Employee to Business Owner

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I woke up one morning, and realized that I was not a bookkeeper anymore but rather a business owner. I have employees to pay, a space to rent, costumers to satisfy and a brand to market. Huh! Yeah! That was quick! It was like an overnight transition that today i still feel like dreaming. But this is a reality that i have to embrace and how I dealt with it is somehow tough and challenging.

On one of his talks, Bro. Bo Sanchez shared that we are living in an ocean of blessings. It’s up to us on how we are going to swim to that raging blessings. In my case, I opened myself with courage despite the huge waves that can drown me out. Fight!!

My transformation was a major leap and a painful process. Switching from my old routines to new ones is rough. Decision making, time management, self acceptance and huge responsibilities are driving me crazy. I am a 10-month old business owner and I see myself in a drowning stage of a swimming lesson. I am learning in pain but not giving up. 

And so, how’s my survival? I’d like to share to you 4 helpful points that you might want to consider too if you’re planning to have your own business.

How to Survive Transition from Employee to Business Owner

1 Right Mindset

I have a dream to achieve the financial freedom and one way to reach that is to start a business. When I got the opportunity, I grabbed it. What do you think is the reason why I came up with that decision? It’s the right mindset like as follows:

          a. Aim for progress not for perfection
Since I started my business I made a lot of mess, my marketing strategies, management skills and even financial management. But these do not stop me, because I believe I make progress every day. Every time I fail, every time my employee resigned, every time my customers back off I always ask myself why and I am learning with those experiences. In every failure and tough situation, I am pressed to think logically, improve strategies and implement new rules for a better service. I said to myself, I am not a perfect boss and I don't have a perfect service but I am progressing and I will be successful.

          b. Put value on your work and help more

Focus on the value of your product or services. In my case, I focus on the services we are rendering. We keep on improving our services for the satisfaction of our customers. Feedback is very important to us. We use that to put our service to the highest level. We focus more on value not on money because money is just a symbol of value. If we don’t meet our target sales, it means that our services are not enough to achieve our financial goal. We keep on increasing our value and we believe cash will follow.

          c. Use pressure to motivate you

My husband is a corporate person. He is in the world where “failure is not an option”. That’s it! Guess what? He is my pressure. He is my biggest investor and he allows me to manage my business alone but with HUGE pressure. “I must not fail”. With his criticism on my management, marketing, and financial skills I am encouraged to take the extra mile. I must work harder and smarter. I am so thankful to him because I am pressed to do my job to reach my goal. I am not saying you should find a “corporate husband”. Haha! But do other things that can push you to the limit. Share your project to other people. If you want to achieve something, post it on social media or your vision board. Because you will have the accountability that will give you pressure.

          d. Do not be intimidated by fears and mistakes

Most of the time, we don’t push through with whatever we started because we face different kind of fears. We have all the “what if’s” that we can have. And throughout the transition, we experience several mistakes. That’s normal! Even the most successful people made several mistakes too in the past. They became successful because they didn’t entertain fears and through mistakes they gained knowledge and experience. It increased their value and became more successful. 

All the hardship is temporary. Soon, I know, "I will be successful". That mindset keeps me going.

2 Financial Stability

Being an employee can offer financial security. Whatever happens to the company you are working with, you will have your paycheck every mid and end of the month. But if you’re in a business, there are months that you’re not paid off and worst you need to make additional financial investment to cope up with your overhead expenses. It is too important that before entering into business you must be financially stable. Set aside funds that will sustain your business for 1-2 years of operation. Make sure that your family budget will not be affected of your business struggles. In my case, before I enter into my decision to resign from my stable job I made sure that we have enough funds to sustain the business that I’m going to start. But of course we also set limit. We know when to stop investing money. 

Business at the start is financially draining because you are building your value. The transit is tough because during your employment you are enjoying the regular paycheck. It is normally part of the process. And switching from comfort zone to courage zone is painful but in the end, I believe it’s worth it. Every step that you take today is a step towards success that is in your mind. Be prepared financially aside from having a right mindset. 

3 Find a mentor

You will learn from your own mistakes and one day you will hit that success. But we can also learn from other people’s mistakes. During transition, another important thing that keeps me going is having a mentor. I look for people who are living my dream and ask them how did they get that dream. I listen and I apply it to my life. I imitate them. I go with people who can understand my situation and advise to pursue my goals. I go with business people. I spend coffee time with them. I share my dreams, my struggles, my little victories and my weaknesses. Mentors are treasure-trove of knowledge and life-experiences. I learned a lot from their own mistakes and their strategies on how did they surpass challenges. They also guide and support you through personal growth and understanding. 

Until this time, I focus more on my mentors. Every Sunday, I attend The Feast at PICC with Bro. Bo Sanchez. Each talk awakens my inner potential for learning and action. It became my guide to the answers with problem-solving and the use of metaphors and story-telling. It also strengthens me to pursue despite the challenges and struggles during my past week. 

I also love reading self-help books about business, marketing, management and leadership.

I am a member of Truly Rich Club, where seminars, audio and video talks, newsletters are available. Those are the things that fuel me to aim and fire my business goal.

4 Hold on to your Purpose

God created us with unique purpose in life. He gave us strength that can impact the lives of other people. First, you have to find out what is your purpose then live with it. It will be your fuel to pursue whatever you’ve started. With my emotional stability and core values, I believe that I can help empower learners by providing them opportunities for learning enrichment that will make them independent, life-long learners. That’s my purpose! I am a passionate individual who wants to ensure the excellence among kids through fun learning experiences. Having a purpose is merely important in every goal. Find it and hold on to it! You’re on the right track.

My journey to success is long but with strong vision, i firmly believe that everything is achievable. I imagine. I imitate. I implement. And I wish to have an impact to other people's lives.

Do I make sense? Share your thoughts, your comments will surely be helpful to me also.

Have a great week ahead!

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