5 Ways to Improve Work and Life Balance

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Hello there, mums! Perhaps the beginning of the year gave us a good opportunity to reflect on the important aspects of our lives, like work, family and personal life. A lot of us, I presume, are still trying hard to pull themselves together after the hustle of the holidays whilst re-programming their body clocks for adjustment in the work schedule plus the daily stuffs. I can honestly relate to that!

Everyone can become frazzled, exhausted and burnt-out from devoting too much of our time into work because it is important, but maintaining our sanity is also as important as getting things all well and done. I have gathered some helpful tips that hopefully can help you out in achieving a better balance between your career and personal life.

Accept your limitations 

First things first, escape the belief that you can have everything and be successful in all things at once. Because in reality, the secret to achieving work life balance is accepting imbalance. As mums, career / business women and wives all at the same time, we always wanted to feel like we are a super girl who can embrace everything in a day and still add some more commitments on our already full plate. But we must remember to always “save time” for ourselves and that is to become honest with our time restrictions and availability. 

Learn to Prioritize

We sure know the feeling of being pulled in all directions but never having enough time to finish anything at all. We all have 24 hours a day, nobody gets additional 2 hours or so to do everything scheduled at hand. And what happens was, oftentimes, we thought prioritizing was merely our work related tasks and our personal needs and wants must be set aside, as well as being mindful of our family. I’d like to stress that no matter how busy and how full your schedule is in a day, there must be some ‘personal’ time that you must squeeze in so as not to feel drained and burnt out. 

Prioritizing work is good, but prioritizing your personal needs for a while is also important so as to keep your physique functioning well which could result into excellent work outcome. After all, if you are doing an excellent job, your boss cannot fire you in a pinch and should understand that you are not an all knowing, mechanically working human machine. And as for being the boss of your own, phasing is a key to keep the enthusiasm burning.

Be Systematic, Schedule downtime

While prioritizing is one thing, follow through is very important. I’d like to begin the day with jot down notes on what to do (based on how prompt and important it is, with specific time schedule) and systematically ticking down each one of it right after. I always keep in mind that i have to stick with those priorities and i try my best to finish each on my allotted time. Along with my day to day to-do list is a personal time allotted in between those tasked scheduled. It can be a simple, tea time or coffee break for an hour and another one hour to call it a day after everything else was done. Whether you wanted to have a 30 minutes back rub or an hour of full body massage, it is helpful to put it in  the calendar and honor that event as you would with any other professional commitment or meeting. Stick with those priorities no matter how sometimes tempting it is to push aside personal needs in order to continue the work.

Sweat it out

This simply means, better your health to better your career. Oftentimes, working out or exercising becomes a burden for most career mums and even full time mamas, and I am guilty of this. Our weekly yoga or gym time is quickly replaced by corporate meetings, school errands, kids or other professional obligations. Somebody once said that, “Making enough time to stay active is not only important for your body- it is crucial for your mind too.” And I just have to agree! You see, if you try to sweat it out even for a short 30 minutes –to an hour a day, there’s something about feeling light and easy. Exercise is an extremely effective stress-reducer. It releases endorphins which boosts your mood and can eventually inspire additional productivity. So, its healthy to set aside at least a few blocks of time each or twice a week if daily isn’t possible, in order to get moving. It will definitely make you feel better!

Disconnect and Breath

Additionally, social media can become a big time-suck. Years back, there are plenty of times when I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook feeds, when I should be doing some other productive activities that can help me move a little step closer to my goals. And I realized I have been wasting my time all these years and so I stopped. Admittedly, and I know a lot of you does, especially in our work, that we love technology so much and so as social media. However, it really has its downsides and so it’s better to disconnect some time. If you can’t avoid it all at once then try to lessen your time spent on social media browsing. I learned to turn off notifications and even chat messaging so as to avoid unimportant conversations which can lead to longer interactions. I only go back to my social media pages when I needed to update something and turn back notifications OFF and get back to replying when I’m no longer busy with work. Disconnecting was a real time saver and efficient breather, I swear!

There's a fine line between too much work and too much play. Getting so hooked up with our work and passions while being mindful of our personal lives is definitely challenging and all consuming. There's a lot more you can do to keep the balance but i hope through this mum's simple tips, you'll be able to find that happy medium in your daily life.

Are there any helpful tips you'd like to add here? I would love to read it on the comments below!

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