Mums on Mom Retreat: Why Being Mindful Is A Big Deal?

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As a mom, when was the last time you unplugged, sit back, relax, and forget about all the chaos of mothering, work, business and home management?

Perhaps, it's an alien thought to you 'coz it's out of your equation.

Or you totally burned it out that you don't seem to know anymore how to pick yourself up.

On a general perspective, how being mindful nowadays can be beneficial for us moms. Here's a few sharing from your MumsDailyPH where you can relate and hopefully become a tool to rediscover yourself.

"When I became a mom, I thought everything in my life was about the kids. Now I realized that in order to be the super mom that we all wished to be, we need to be the greatest person that we all wanted to be. It is also about me. Loving oneself is not a sign of selfishness. Self-love is one way of creating a loving life. We can give more love because we feel loved. We can be more mindful of others' need because we devoted effort to take care of our own."
                                                                                        -Mommy Shali

Some of us, moms, have mastered the art of multi-tasking and others are still mastering the daily routine while multi-processing our neurons with bucketful of random thoughts. But who said you need to embrace and do everything in one sitting? Why not pause and connect to your inner self, close your eyes and breath into a moment of mindfulness just like what we did last week and recharged at the Mindful Mom Retreat by Mommy Mundo.

"One thing that hit me during the Mindful Mom Retreat was the 3 phrases that Michele Alignay stated. The What if, If only, and Why Me are just some of the thoughts that we  need to let go if we want to be a mindful mom.

A lot of times I caught myself staring at something while my mind is travelling somewhere far from the now. I used to think about the past, the mistakes I did, my failures, the things that I wish I should've controlled and if only I could turn back time, I should've done this and that and everything is perfect. I also realized that for the longest time I should've accomplished a lot but due to my self-imposed standards, I was stuck, trying to attain perfection, without realizing that I should be moving forward for progress and embrace my imperfections. Truly, I cannot be mindful if I won't let go. Just like the song "Let it go", I want to let go of all the things that I cannot change and to live and enjoy the moment I have today..."
                                                                                    -Mommy Betchie

Conducted by Michele Alignay, a Registered Psychologist and Guidance Counselor, Child, Family Life and Relationship Specialist, and Growing Wired Kerygma Magazine Contributor, the participants were able to relax and chill for a moment by focusing on themselves and re-designing their roles as an individual and as a mom.

"As I age, I really care about what other people will say about me. The way I talk, the way I dress, the way I act, the way I raise my family, the way I manage my time and everything. Everything I do has the influence of other people. That’s why I can’t satisfy myself and I realized that those are the sources of my insecurities. I am hiding something within me that always keeps me in a hurry and I missed a lot of things. Things that are really important. I forgot to appreciate and affirm the gift of being who I am. Sometimes, we are overthinking -  setting too high standards and allowing unnecessary clutter on our thoughts and emotions. We become out of control to the things that we should have. 

And as Ichel Alignay define SELF-CARE, I then understand that attending to our own needs, body, mind, emotions and spirit, will have big impact on enriching ourselves, our relationships and even our environment. There is nothing wrong with being ME. In fact, that is the greatest thing that I have. Freeing myself from judgement and opinions, living out my own standard and embracing my own flaws is what's being mindful is to me."
                                                                                      -Mommy Yami

It was a moment of reflection for us, as we quietly breath and forget about everything and just really think about ourselves. The Mindful Mom Retreat has helped us in rediscovering our worth and re-establishing our self imposed standards of living and mindfulness.

We couldn't help but agree that the constant challenge of moms is how to manage time, energy, and resources. Yes, we all need to balance and we all need to be efficient, not only so we get to achieve and secure the future, but also to make the journey as happy and fulfilling as possible. 

"The sooner I can unplug from all the daily stresses that weighs me down, the more I can breathe in to switch on to my better self so I can attend to more important things in my life. 

It's easier said than done. At the very first activities of the retreat, I've realised how cluttered my daily self is. It's something like an organised chaos for me, and I chose that life so I have no regrets. And then I'm guilty of being not on the now oftentimes. It's a draining moment - that state of mind when you're always in a hurry, aside from the reality that I must be always in a hurry coz I consume a lot of my daily time on the road. 

That's where SELF-CARE confirms to become IMPORTANT. People will easily judge me on how I'm spending my free time. What they don't know is that's how I keep myself away from burning out. Because as Ichel Alignay puts it - When stress, tasks and life demands increase, so must be our mindful self-care. That's how I cope and recharge my good thoughts. Because at the end of the day, we are moms who are chosen to become influencers of goodness on each of our own child. We must PRACTICE TO REFLECT GOODNESS in whichever way we can so that goodness will follow."
                                                                                         - Mommy Adel

A mindful mom seeks to take care of her individuality and sense of well-being. It's not selfishness, rather it's self-care and mindfulness.

If you are a happily fulfilled individual, your sense of being will radiate to everyone around you - from your spouse, your children and to all the important people in your life. We want you to experience its positive impact. Let it go, love yourself a little more and practice self-care.

Be the better YOU! Be mindful, Mums!

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