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One of the best practices that my hubby and I are doing is making time together a priority. We call it #relationshipgoals!  Nowadays, with our fast-paced life, couples get stuck on autopilot where we might be in the same room but in two different world.  

We give each other time to listen, laugh and learn from each other.  Prayer time is also a-must for us.  We also set time in a day when the two of us are relax and can escape the busy world and focus on "US" only. 

Sometimes, we read books together, talk about what we have read and share our insights.  Making simple things together can empower marriage relationship.

Here are our book choices that might be of your choice too.  It's all inspiring, knowledgeable and good guidance in building up stronger marriages.

Check it out!

1. Love Language Devotional by Gary Chapman

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Book Preview:

Are you and your spouse speaking the same language? He sends you flowers when what you really want is time to talk. She gives you a hug when what you really need is a home-cooked meal. The problem isn’t love―it’s your love language. The Love Languages Devotional is your daily guide to how to express heartfelt love to your loved one.

This book is not for couples only, if you are dating or engage couples, you can also read this book.  The building blocks of marriage-such as good communication, respect unconditional love and forgiveness-are foundational to any romantic relationship.  And learning to identify and speak your loved one's love language will benefit a couple at any stage.

You can use this devotional individually or sit down together as a couple to reach each day.  Use the prayer at the end of each devotion as a starting point of your own prayer.

Whether your relationship is strong or struggling, stable or challenging, this devotional will encourage you and give you renewed joy in each other.

Available in all leading bookstore and Amazon.

2.  7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage: Strengthen your most Intimate Relationship by Kim Kimberling, PhD

Book preview:

All of us want an enduring marriage, a beautiful marriage we can believe in. That kind of marriage happens through intimacy. Intimacy requires hard work and a guide. Dr. Kim Kimberling is that guide and this book and its tools will show you how communication and intimacy in marriage can be yours. 
Kimberling offers insights like connecting every day in spite of what’s in the way, learning how to fight in the right ways, stopping the insanity of doing the same thing over and over even when it isn’t working, and finding that the best sex ever is well within the context of Christian marriages. 
Once these 7 secrets are a part of your marriage, you can stand together and fight anything that would ever try to tear your marriage apart. 
Whether you have just celebrated your first anniversary or your fiftieth, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage by Dr. Kim Kimberling is for you.  If you have a good marriage, this book can help you have a great marriage.  If you are struggling, Kim Kimberling will help you turn the corner and make your marriage into what you want it to be.

Available at Amazon.

3. Become a Better You by Joel Osteen 

Book Preview: 

7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day, Joel Osteen, pastor of America’s largest church, will inspire and motivate you to live with more joy, hope, and peace. Joel’s practical insights will help you become a better spouse and parent, a bet­ter boss or employee, a better community leader, a better friend—in short, a better person! In his signature easy-to-understand style, Osteen explains key biblical values and offers personal testimonies that will enlighten and uplift you. Each of the seven keys has its own section, complete with a set of practical action points. Become a Better You will encourage you to reach your unique God-given potential and will help you to enjoy every day of your life, despite your circumstances. As you incorporate Joel’s easy-to-grasp principles into your life, you will be thrilled at how much more God has in store for you and how quickly you become a better you!Joel Osteen reaches a huge audience in the United States and across the globe. Tens of millions of people in more than a hundred nations worldwide are inspired through his weekly television broadcasts, his New York Times bestselling books, his sold-out international speaking tours, and his weekly top-ten podcasts.Available at Murang Libro Online

4. The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

Book Preview:

In our fast-paced, success-obsessed culture, we’re constantly tempted to chase after things that don’t matter. We’ve been conditioned to value possessions over people, status over relationships, and ourselves over God.
But the reality is this: God created love to be the centerpiece of our lives.
In The Seven Laws of Love, Dave Willis makes the case for a love revival and proves that in returning to a life of love we have no greater model than the one who is love himself.
In Dave’s humorous, touching, down-to-earth style, The Seven Laws of Love takes you on a journey through the ins and outs of everyday relationships—with your spouse, your children, your friends, and your coworkers—using practical, applicable examples and guiding principles that demonstrate what a life of love actually looks like.
There is no higher calling on earth than to love and be loved. It’s time to learn The Seven Laws of Love, and to make loving a priority over all other pursuits. Anything else isn’t really living.

Available in all leading bookstore and Amazon.

These books are also a good gift idea to your spouse in any occasion.

Let's continue to fire up our marriage with these awesome books!

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