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In about a week, my kids will have their school summer break.  I am always in look out for activities that will keep them busy and at the same time cultivate their talents and skills.  My eldest son keep telling me his plans this summer.  He wants to go to sports clinic, music class and something unique that can develop his skill.  And so I browse in the web what are the available programs that can fit to my son's needs.

Because Galileo Summer Program is their favorite every summer, I checked out their offers.  Last year they enjoyed their Financial Literacy Program.

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This year, Galileo is offering several exciting activities.  Check it out and discuss it to your children.  One of their programs might fit to your child's need because it is kid-friendly and kid-focused.

Enroll your child to the enrichment programs for them to have a meaningful summer through fun-learning.

1. Galileo Little Explorer Summer Learning Camp 2016

Let your child discover the wonders of nature without the worry of getting dirty and travelling too far to see all the awesome creations.  Have him step into the Summer Learning Camps' simulation of nature---Summer Zoofari.

Children would know more about their pets, and the butterflies they're chasing in backyard.  They would not have to be nervous on meeting the frightening roaring animals, or be scared in taking a dive in the deep blue sea.  Let them enjoy the sweetness of fruits and nutrients of the vegetable, crops, and witness the marvelous strength of different kinds of trees and beauty of flowers.  They can learn all about these things in forty(40) days inside the classroom.

This program is for toddlers ages 1.5 to 3 years.

Learning Fees and Inclusions:
2 Module (20 days) April 4-April 29, 2016 - Php 3,000.00  
2 Module (40 days) April 4-May 27, 2016 - Php 5,500.00

Duration of every module is two(2) hours per session.

Programs fees are inclusive of:
  • Galileo Kiddie T-shirts
  • Application Form
  • Summer ID
  • Learning Portfolio
  • Certificate of completion
This program is available to following centers:
Bataan(Balanga) 0917-572-4442/300-0815
Batangas (Lipa City) 0917-5088042
Bulacan(Guiguinto) 0917-5431564/044-892-0120
Bulacan (Malolos City) 0917-543-1564/044-892-0120
Bulacan (Pulipan) 0916-7564321/044326-0982
Caloocan(Madre Ignacia) -02-442-0783
Davao City (Bangoy) 0922-8501650/082-221-0268
Makati(Pasong Tamo) 0906-576544/02-8316252
Muntinlupa (Madrigal Business Park2) 0917-657-0900/02-831-0008
Pampanga(Mabalacat) 0932-886-1754
Parañaque (Better Living) 0936-9391073/02-846-5398
Valenzuela(Malinta) 02-355-4719
Zambales (Olongapo City) 0917-8831701

Last year, they offered Around the World in 40 Days.
Galileo Pasong Tamo Photos

2. English Program

For those who wants their children to improve in comprehension in reading and writing, English Program can help them.  Enjoyable activities that associate to playing can encourage them to find fun in writing and reading.

3. Math Program

For those who wants to enhance the learning for fundamental skills and mastering Math, this program can help your child to love Math and to understand it in an enjoyable way.

4. Singapore Math

The Singapore Math  program for students ages 7 to 12 uses the Singaporean way of teaching math, where there is a strong emphasis on model drawing or pictorial forms and problem solving. This mostly visual math method helps students understand, master and appreciate math concepts.

5.  Digital Summer Program

This is the newest program of Galileo, it allows your kids be ready for computer programming.  If your child is like my son who loves exploring about computers, this program is perfect for them. Kids nowadays are interested to animation, digital graphics, videos and games, so allow them to explore their talent in computers.

Here are the schedule of Digital Summer Camp and the branches that will offer the program:

March 14-18
Galileo Davao

May 2-6
Galileo Legaspi, Makati
Galileo Salcedo, Makati

May 10-14
Galileo Sun Valley, Paranaque
Galileo Better Living, Paranaque

May 16-20
Galileo Katipunan, Quezon City
Galileo Libis, Quezon City
Galileo Sta.Rosa, Laguna

6. Financial Literacy Program

When you enroll in any of the above program, your child will have a free Financial Literacy Program.

The program instills good money habits through the concepts of Earn, Save, Spend, Donate & Invest. At the end of the program, the teachers, together with their students, are expected to master the fundamentals of money management and the need to be financially literate as young as they are now to help them plan their own financially-sound future.

Check out the nearest center in your place and enroll now.  Ensure your kids excellence through fun learning experience.

Have an exciting summer Mummies!

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