Should We Celebrate Valentine's Day?

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Valentines day is coming in a heart beat. That event where roads are busy, places to dine or stay are fully booked and a day where couples are tempted to splurge just to celebrate. While we'd love to feel that special 'kilig' moment with our special someone, Valentine's Day seems to bring stress too, especially for the men. And while we don't really have to wait for February 14 just to show our love, it is a good reminder for us that we must give some time to honor our valentine in life.
With the current time challenge, where both moms and dads are working - one even away from home and would naturally be absent on big occasions lest this Hallmark holiday, romance side will easily be forgotten. But being married/together for a long time doesn't also mean that there's no need to buy your spouse some chocolates, cakes and beautifully arranged flowers, right? Especially if you can. For that regard, Valentine's Day is a good reminder that there is a heart's day. 

I, myself have several Vdays looking forward for a present to receive. When at the back of my logical mind, I'm also thinking "what for"? To represent something bigger than a concept just so I can tell myself that I'm part of the celebration? Who wouldn't with the kind of awareness that social media explicitly dictates. (*sigh) But it shouldn't be as shallow as giving and receiving Vday merchandises. Because romance is so much more - that requires more time, effort and most importantly - meaning.

Which leads me into this question which I've been reflecting for quite a time now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed that my husband and I love to plan what we'll be doing this Valentine's day that we haven't done before, or haven't seen or dined before. But it's not just because it's Valentine but more like it's our excuse of thinking not about work or anything serious in life but just planning what we enjoy to do together. And if it didn't materialize on the day itself, it's fine with us.

So, my answer to that question would be YES and because it's our alarm clock to have a break from the ordinary days of running a busy, traffic-packed and stressful life.

For fun, I've also asked that same question and a little more to my other three MDPH moms. I super enjoyed their candid replies! Here's what I gathered.

Mommy Shali: Yes. 

Mommy Beth: No, we celebrate like Valentines even if its not Valentine's day.

Mommy Yami: Yes, I love to celebrate Valentine's Day at home with kids.

Mommy Shali: 1) Time to celebrate love. 2) A day to spend with your loved ones. 3) Flowers &  chocolates! 

Mommy Beth: 1) flooding/ flaunting photos of bouquets/flowers and chocolates on fb, ig and snapchat; 2) Fully booked restaurants, jampacked fastfood chains, hello long queues (irritating); 3) Traffic!

Mommy Yami: 1.) Cook something special. 2.) Valentine's cards 3.) Flowers

Mommy Shali: I will ask him what's taking him so long to hit the bull's-eye on my Mr Right's heart :-)

Mommy Beth: "Hello, Mr. Cupid! Oh! Napadaan ka ngayon!" LOL

Mommy Yami: When I see Mr. Cupid, I will say thank you! Hehehe

Now, how about you? Is Valentine's Day just a cliche'? *wink

Wishing for a meaningful celebration to all!

P.S. If I see Cupid, I'd probably ask that tod why he's playing with a bow and arrow. He's just a baby! LOL.

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