Mum Events: KidsDailyPh at the Kiddo+preneur Christmas Bazaar

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Have you ever wondered how business tycoons and multi-millionaires are created? Oftentimes, I wonder how? And I wonder why our parents (during our younger years) didn’t taught us the value of investing and the thought of creating a business that will eventually generate opportunities for ourselves apart from having a day job and a savings account.

Lately, I have realized that the idea of introducing entrepreneurship to the young generation is brilliant. Why? Because while kids are still young, this is the perfect time for them to start working smart, and help them build a foundation that will equip them to face the challenges towards financial freedom. 

Talking about kids, and the business, we are lucky today as parents, because there are a lot of resources and go-to materials that can help our children to become successful and financially literate at a young age and one of them is through hands-on activities like the concept of Kiddo-preneur.

Last November 2015, MumsDailyPh team joined this bi-annual event at Glorietta Activity Center to showcase our crafts and introduce our products through the participation of our kids, the KidsDailyPh. These first-timer kids, showed-off their confidence and tried their hands in the entrepreneur side which has been a proud moment for us, parents.

Kiddo-prenuer is an activity for kids that will help them to learn entrepreneurship, first-hand, through practical experience. It is a passion project which started in 2011 by mother daughter tandem, Maiki and Brielle Oreta. As a business journalist for the ABS-CBN News Channel, having anchored the The Philippine Stock Exchange Reports and Business Nightly, Maiki sought teach her young daughter about business. Together, they created Kiddo-preneur which is open for all kids ages 5 to 16 years old.

The event was graced with hundreds of kids and moms all over the metro, and each of the booths have different concepts and features to consider. Some of the kids showcased their talents by making their own hand-made and home-made products, putting value into it and introducing it to their costumers, which, ofcourse, was made possible by the little help from their moms. 

Awards and recognition were given to the participants with the Best Booth Design, Best Concept, Highest Sales and Best Service

The KidsDailyph Team didn't take home any awards but we are proud to have garnered a good amount of sales as first-timers in the event. Hooray! More than that, it has been a limitless learning ground for our children who has learned so much about marketing, selling, accounting, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, confidence and leadership. 

MumsdailyPh team would like to thank all of our friends, family and relatives who showed up to support our Kiddoprenuers on the event! 

Catch us again on the next Kiddo + Preneur Bazaar 'coz we are cooking up something better and bigger! Stay tuned!

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