Ka Tunying's Cafe: Eat's-a-date with Open RicePh

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MumsDailyPh was so delighted to be a part of OpenRicePh Eat's-a-date event which took place at Ka Tunying's Cafe. As a foodie, together with Mommy Adel (Wishingbelle), we jaunty blocked our calendars and accepted the invitation for an afternoon of gastric adventure together with other food bloggers!

I have to admit that I couldn't hide my excitement as I entered the place and saw the different varieties of bread in front of me. I am a bread lover and this cafe is such a happy place for me.

Ka Tunying’s Cafe- owned by Anthony Taberna, host of the popular morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda” and radio program “Dos por Dos” is a progress of their small bakery in his hometown in San Antonio Nueva Ecija. Way back in 2002, they started this small bakery with the usual pinoy bread, like pandesal, hopia, pan de coco and a lot more. With the goal to reach their product outside their province they distributed it to Puregold. So if you wish to try and taste Ka Tunying's bread, it is readily available at Puregold outlets.
Calabasa Ensaymada and Camote Cheese Roll are their best seller.

Camote Chesse Roll-Php 30.00 

Kalabasa Ensaymada-Php30.00 

Ka Tunying’s wife love pastries so they started this cafe to showcase their famous bread in Nueva Ecija and to share their all-day breakfast meals.

They have an ample space for dine-in on the second level of the cafe. I admire the interior design of the restaurant. I love restaurants with good ambiance because it expresses their mindfulness on rendering the kind of food they will offer to customers. The place conveys ‘love’ for me because of the colorful paintings on the wall and the wooden tables and chairs that look and feel clean and well thought out. The mirror on the wall added a puff of space and ventilation. The ambiance is very Pinoy yet classy and chic. Not to mention that it's instagrammable.(Lol!)

What makes Ka Tunying’s Cafe stand out from other cafes is their offer of all-day breakfast menu served with great quality. They also have occasional or seasonal menus. For this month of February, they offer Lechon Pork Belly and Ka Tunying’s Ham and Cheese Sandwich. They call it the Red Series.

Pork Lechon Belly-Php 295.00 

Pork belly is marinated overnight with different spices and brine salt. Slow oven cooked. Served with atsara and liver sauce. I forgot about my diet because of its tenderness!

Their all-day breakfast menu are Pandesal Platter, Daing Silog, Baked Bangus, Tinapa Silog, Chicken and Pork Adobo, Corned Beef Silog, Batutay Beef and several other Longsilogs

I like the Arroz Caldo ala Ka Tunying and Champorado and Dried Fish.

Arroz Caldo ala Tunying-Php 150.00 

Champorado and Dried Fish-Php 150.00 

Baked Bangus is also on my top list as well as the Corned Beef Silog

Tinapa Silog Php 197.00 

Corned Beef Silog-Php 195 

Pandesal Platter-PhpP195.00 

Baked Bangus-Php 245.00 

Tapsilog-Php 195.00 

Daing Silog-Php 195.00 

I got so excited with their drink and beverages! With so much excitement and a lot of picking from one food after another, trying to taste everything here and there, drinking their Fiesta Gulaman really refreshed me. And according to Wishingbelle, Naimas Smoothie is really naimas! Naimas is an Ilocano word for "good taste". 

Ka Tunying's Blend, choice of Barako, Robusta and North South 

Dalandan Ginger Iced Tea 

Fiesta Gulaman 

Spiced Cocochino 

Ka Tunying's Cafe is recommendable! Dining experience is really worth the price. Family bonding, friends meet-up and business meeting can be perfectly done here. You will be welcomed by Ka Tunying himself! (haha!)

Aside from eating, I also enjoyed taking photos because the place is well-lighted. I love taking photos using ambient light. After the event, I was able to post photos at OpenSnap without using any filter. Straight from the camera. If you are food lover, restaurant hunter and a food blogger, OpenSnap App is perfect for you. It is a free application you can get from iTunes or Google Play. You'll enjoy browsing, reading reviews and check food rate using this user-friendly app. It's now easy to find a place to dine-in anywhere in the metro!

Eat's-a-date event by OpenRicePh is another great experience for me. It's my first time and I found it interesting. I guess i have accomplished our EXPLORE mission here. Trying new things, meeting like-minded persons and sharing food adventure made my afternoon so wonderful! 

2/4 MumsDailyPh with OpenRicePh Team 

This review will not be complete without our selfies to show that we had a great time and a happy date with OpenRicePh at Ka Tunying's Cafe

Ka Tuning's Cafe is located at 88 Visayas Ave. Project 6, Quezon City
Opens Daily 7am-10pm

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