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Hello there Mommies! It's month of Feb-ibig and how are you doing? I hope you started your 2016 as awesome as we are. But I have to apologize for a long pause here on the blogsphere.  I don't have explanation but the good thing is we're BACK!!!!! Yehey.

To cover up with that long pause, I want to invite you for an awesome event this February for every couples out there.  It's the time for a unique bonding with hubby and wifey.  

Here is the brief introduction.  Please read on!

Marriage is hard because we are prideful, selfish, stubborn and we are totally opposite.  Have you ever experience in your marriage when your behavior is driven by pride?  You are always right, you see difficulties at your partner’s fault, bringing up your partner’s fault in the past and deny your own weaknesses.  Sounds familiar?

Is there a time in your marriage you get crazy because you don’t notice what is really important to your partner?  You neglect the things that are important and can really hurt.  Being self-absorbed comes naturally.  We just focus on what we want instead of thinking of what he/she needs.  Nakaka-relate?

We are stubborn because apologizing is really a hard work. And forgiving an apologizing spouse is equally hard, especially when we are really hurt. Aww… sometimes it is really it is.

We are totally opposite.  You handle your finance in a workshop, he works and you shop. One is always on time; the other is much more relaxed about the clock.  One of you is active in the morning; the other is active in the evening.  And these things are driving couple’s even crazier.

Husbands and wives are vulnerable to devil’s plotting drive to the tip of a crowbar into their differences, selfishness, pride and being stubborn and use them as a turning point to meddle them apart.
But we can manage our differences; in fact we must celebrate our differences because it’s so boring if we have identical views and habits.  Ups and downs in a married life are but normal and there are always reasons to celebrate the treasure we have in our spouse.

As couple, we need other people’s input and critique to know how we work in our relationship.  That is why a community is necessary in building up better relationship.

So we are inviting you to a gathering that can boost your relationship to your spouses.  It is a gathering about marriage and relationships.  As the smallest unit in our society, it’s our responsibility to enrich our basic foundation, "family life", to be a great inspiration to our children and to our society.

It is open to all couples and of free admission. February 21, 2016 at PICC Summit Hall C & D; 10:00 AM-12:00PM with Bro Bo. Sanchez as Speaker.

On this LOVE month, why don’t you take time to save two hours to listen to Bro. Bo Sanchez and discover more of the relationship magic.  Wives, bring along your husbands and be surprised for an awesome talk that can improve yourself about relationship.  Husbands, surprise your wives for one of a kind bonding time, they will truly love it.

Please share!!

Click here to know more about Bo Sanchez.

                                                                                                        See you there!

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