Our Kids will be joining Kiddo-Preneur 2015

4:59 PM

It is such a brilliant idea that there is an exciting upcoming event wherein we can teach our kids about the value of money and hard work - hands-on and in practical manner.  In this digital world, we need to be creative in keeping our kids busy and away from gadgets to learn the practical way of life.

Hence, we are excited that our kids will be part of the Kiddo-preneur Bazaar this year. It is a bi-annual event which began as a passion project in 2011 by mother and daughter tandem, Maiki and Brielle Oreta.

It will be happening at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City on Sunday, November 29 between 10am to 6pm.

As moms who are exploring all the possibilities of exposing our kids to learning events where they can extract skills which they can use later to win in life - we are proud to present KidsDailyPh Mini Expo at Booth #46 this coming Sunday.

They will sell different products.  Some are home-made, some are repacked and some are their mom’s kid-friendly soaps and fragrances. But all came from one hundred percent pure eagerness of our kids to deliver high-quality and affordable products.

Why did we allow them to join this event?

It’s their first time to do this kind of event.  Our kids are becoming excited as they plan for their first ever business.  These kids have chock-full of ideas. They are thinking of freebies, rhymes, taglines, jokes that they can share to customers and even the theme for their booth.  

It is an ideal venture to explore challenging situation that can extract their hidden skills and develop right attitude to the practical ways of life.

Learning opportunities here are limitless.  They can learn marketing, selling, accounting, interpersonal relationship as well as leadership.  It can help them develop their communication skills through sharing their ideas to other people, telling the value of their product, putting prices and accepting payments.  Understanding the idea that they are working as a group is a leadership training. 

Children will easily learn skills that they are constantly exposed to.  If they are exposed to video games, computers and TV all day, that’s what they learn.  If they are exposed to business, they will also learn business skills.  If they are exposed to good manners and right conduct, they will exhibit the same. The question is, “Who are going to teach them these skills?”  It will be the person they are exposed to most of the time.  Would you prefer it to be you------or someone else?-Dra. Marnie Moya-Prudencio, physician and author

We personally believe that the earlier a child is exposed to opportunities for them to make choices and decisions, and practice interpersonal relations and negotiations, the earlier they can win in life compared to their peers.

So, we are inviting all of you to please support our kids. Please visit Kiddo-preneur Christmas Bazaar in Glorietta Activity Center on Sunday November 29, 10:00 am-6:00 pm at booth # 46

Meet our adorable kiddopreneurs:

Cutie Anrei
 Anrei, four year old sweet little boy, will sell nuts, chocolates, pastillas and candies. 

Jairo, the COO of Kiel's & M Little Co.
He will sell customized and chic scents carefully formulated by his mom and other personal care products that looks delicious and smell oh-s0 fragrant. He will also sell goodies made from Kiel's & M Little Kitchen.

TheMacs Brothers, founder of Sweet Circles
Marco and Ron, not twin, will make and sell graham balls with different shaped-sprinkles plus red velvet chips, cookies, mini cupcakes and books.

Angelo and Angela of A&A's Naturals by Yashica Skin Care
Catch up these cute and amazing kids with their assortment of soaps and kid-friendly body essentials from their mom's skin care enterprise.

Be there! See you all at Booth #46!

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