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August 15, 2015 was the very first time that MumsDailyPh held a workshop. More than helping the mums of the South in designing their own businesses with modern and effective tools, it was also a celebration of big and small businesses who generously sponsored the said event.

One of our favorite sponsors is a friend of mine who is the half owner of this printing shop that prints anything on eco bags, shirts and mugs - that is Serendipity Prints. It might be a biased statement but in the pool of many printing shops and online stores, how do you choose your favorite? I think we'll both agree that the answer to that question is to someone we have tried and tested. Someone who is reliable or that we trust. And having a closer knowledge on who those providers are on a personal level qualifies them more than just a reliable supplier but a real lifeline in doing such a BIG as that goal we held last August 15.

Here is a peek to these two quality-driven couple who are immensely humble, too.

Cecille is keen to details; while Emil is the main man for the designs and prints.
Featuring them in this space may not be their cups of tea but because their products and services are highly recommendable, I pushed the write up anyway. Plus we like our MDPH moms to be in the know of good products and service providers, so here is one high-quality service provider for your printing needs. May it be on canvas bags, mugs, shirts, labels - they can do it for you.

What they Do?

Just like what you'll see when you visit their Facebook page, they can print anything on eco bags, mugs and shirts. From a picture of your travel, or an inspiring quote, witty remarks, or a thank you message - they. can. do. it.

The business was passed on to them by one of their relatives who have moved to UK. Due to promising demand for unique souvenir prints and concepts on mugs, shirts and bags, they carry on this venture and started their Facebook page just about 2 years ago.

Samples of their products that I grabbed from their Serendipity Prints' FB page.
If I have to pick what I love most about their work, it's  their attention to details. That translates to connecting to their customers in a way that they value quality. It is like how the customers get their orders done and whistle a happy tune as they walk out of their shop.

A preview of how keen to details Cecille is
I couldn't help but snap photos of her little DIY work of art on one of her unica hija's important event. She did the sweets corner of her daughter's baptismal party. The color scheme of these colorful macaroon stand is repeated in her rainbow cake, candies, cupcakes and of course the Serendipity Print bags as giveaway for the guests.

Her daughter's sweet treat on her 1st birthday

While the praises for the DIY on baptismal party was outpouring, she outdid herself to another beautiful creations, with the help of her hubby Emil of course,  on her daughter's first birthday party. Concepts and designs of their sweets corner, giveaway mugs, eco bags and labels were beautifully put together by this sweet couple.
Moms & Pops like these two evidently do anything and everything for the love of their little ones.

 The party is just so lovely.
I've known her for more than a decade and Cecille (at center) has shared so many talents and skills with us that made our friendship more special.

The next thing I love about their service is their personal touch to orders they get from various clients. That sets them apart from the others. With all the creativity under their sleeves, value for money is the least you can get from them. 

Which made their shop a preferred choice for clients such as doctors for their medical conferences, groups of sports enthusiasts, event planners, companies looking for corporate giveaways, private individuals for their special occasions such as birthdays, baptismal, weddings and anniversaries.

I've casually asked her how the business is kicking with all the myriad of competitors and according to her,  "Clients are mostly by referral and thru queries from the Facebook page. We reach our market by word of mouth and social media. And we are grateful that our ideas were sold to growing numbers of clients and do repeat business with them."

With the quality of service they made, clients will surely remember them. For me, S for Serendipity Prints can interchangeably be Superb or Sharp Printing, too! That's why they deserve a highlight in this little space of ours.
To know more about their products and services, visit Serendipity Prints at Facebook pages.

Thanks, Emil & Cecille for sharing your talent with MDPH!

For inquiries, email Cecilia.Bornales@gmail.com
Or thru mobile number - 09178324524

'Til my next feature story,     

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