ASPIRE! A Gathering of Moms in the South at the First MumsDailyPh's Meet-Up

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“If you invest in your knowledge, you will definitely get the best interest…”one of our participants at the First MumsDailyPh Meet-up shared, after engaging into a whole day of fun learning and networking with other moms in one of the cozy rooms of Uncle Cheffy restaurant in Lipa City, Batangas.

A gathering of all the aspiring and active momprenuers from the Southern Tagalog Region happened last August 15, 2015. All were invited in one roof to participate on our very first workshop with the theme ASPIRE, that was organized by the founders of MumsDailyPh.

It was a memorable and fun-filled day, with lots of surprises from our generous partners. It has also been a very meaningful celebration for us, the founders of MumsDailyPh, as it was the formal launching of the first mom community in the region, and we are very much thankful for the warm acceptance from our circle. We are in high hopes that this is just the beginning of more and upcoming gatherings of moms in the province.

The event started with a solemn prayer by one of our co-founders, Mommy Shali and was followed by a short introduction about the story of how MumsDailyPh started as a dream by Mommy Queen. As the clock tick-tacks, we can almost feel the excitement of everyone!

Hosted by Mommy Adel, the event remained to be very intimate and comfortable filled with all the good vibes of a lovely morning. As our speaker was introduced by Mommy Yami, the hype of each participants in their quest for new knowledge has been evident. Likewise, I felt my hunger for new learnings and the valuable information that moms, alike, will need in order to make ourselves better in the business.

Momprenuer and Business Coach Jackie Caniza facilitated the workshop where she talked about how to design a business through a business model canvass that will help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur, in a simple yet effective way.

Each participants take part with hands-on exercises and activities that gave them better  understanding of their strengths and interests which helped them build and design an ideal business for themselves. 

While on the other side, active momprenuers was able to view their businesses through a one-page framework that captured all the critical components of their current business models. It has been an interactive and insightful hour for everyone.

More than the knowledge and skills acquired by our mom participants, the event was made perky and high-spirited with all the surprising gifts from our generous sponsors. They also enjoyed the sumptuous lunch and snacks especially prepared by Uncle Cheffy Lipa.

Raffles in between the workshops brought about thrill and anticipation to each and every mom. It turned out to be a party event for the moms who took home loots and prizes from our event partners!

All of these, because we value your presence. The time you devoted for us on this special day is truly immeasurable.

It was also an afternoon of opportunities for enterprising moms to talk about their businesses and network with other moms who are active in the trade and commerce.

Booths of our partner mompreneurs and companies who supports Mumsdailyph also graced the event.

The event was also visited by ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog and was shortly covered through a short interview of our speaker on that day.

A free one on one coaching was also given to four lucky mompreneurs by Business Hat Inc. who has been so supportive with MumsDailyPh from the very start.

As we continue our desire to empower moms around the region to uplift their passions while finding balance between family and work, an ultimate dream for the founders of MumsDailyPh is slowly being realized.

We were amazed how each and every single steps can make a big difference not just in other's lives but in our day to day journey as well. Learnings and realizations made room for self-improvement and the fellowship of good friends and like-minded people who works together on the same purpose is entirely a great privilege to be a part of.

ASPIRE: The First MumsDailyPh Meet-Up, was supported by Business Hat Inc., Galileo, Laiya White Cove, Fern-C and Uncle Cheffy as our venue partner. An assortment of prizes and freebies were provided by Serendipity Prints, Urban Mom Magazine, Yaneiz’ Sweet Treats, Iamshopaholicmom, Kerygma Books, 3M1D Photography, Yashica Skin Care, Pretty Options Lab, Wackikay Kikay’s, and Ate Weng’s Nuts and Candies.

It has been a Saturday worth remembering for us and we are looking forward to your support on this endeavor. We would like to sincerely extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all our participants and sponsors for being with us. We, in MumsDailyPh, hopes to see you again on our succeeding events!

Together let’s make a difference!
"It was breath of fresh air from the usual business seminars i've been to. It was indeed invigorating, informative and fun. Great coaches, amazing organizers, and insightful participants..." - Edith Joyce Geba
"Thank you and congratulations to the organizers of Mumsdailyph. This event really inspired us as a mother, an entrepreneur and a woman. It was very encouraging and as mompreneurs, we are able to connect, learn, and grow from the event..."- Diana Rose Patron
"Congratulations and more power to the beautiful moms of MumsDailyPh for the success of your first ever ASPIRE! It was indeed a very fruitful day. Looking forward for more activity in the future..." - Liz Mendoza

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