Turning one’s Passion into a Career: The Story of Yaneiz’ Sweet Treats

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We’re often told that if we pursue our passion, and do what we love, we will never have to work a day in our life. And may I also quote something from Oprah which says, “Do what you love and money will follow.” Doing your passion should be easy and effortless while for some, convincing themselves about finding a career in their passion is like shooting an arrow to an invisible target.

Let me share to you an inspiring story about how a passion has turned into a dream and a successful career. Just recently, I got the chance to squeeze a short getting-to-know-you moment with a passionate mom who landed a career in baking. I had a short interview about her and how her business boomed from one cake to countless cakes.

It was in late 2012 when a friend of mine referred Chef Yaneh and her cake creations and it was in December that year that I ordered my first fondant cake ever! for my birthday, designed on my personal preferences. I was just so happy how she skillfully hand-crafted a fondant chocolate bag cake and it was heavenly delicious. Since then, I started ordering my cake from her for my family’s special occasions.

Yaneiz’ Sweet Treats started in 2012 and is now running for over 3 years, providing her clients with a unique and high quality product that will honestly exceed your expectations with its great tasting treats. Yaneiz’s Sweet Treats envisions itself not only as a business but to create a masterpiece  for every custom cakes which will deliver joy and excitement to special occasions of your life, thus taking pride in the true value, effort and intricate designs that she puts on every work.

Now how did it all started? 
Let me share to you my interview with Chef Yaneh V. Matira of Yaneiz’ Sweets Treats.
Chef Yaneh: “I just love cooking and most of the time I really enjoy cooking different menu. Then one time, I’m just looking on some of the magazines that I bought, and I wonder if I can make a cake. The first cake I tried is a Blackforest cake, then after that my relatives told me that it tastes good. So that day, it came to my mind, why not try fondant cakes, tutal mahilig ako sa mga art designs…”
The first fondant cake she made was for her mother in law which gathered likes and comments from facebook friends. The next fondant cake was a Hello Kitty Cake for her niece which gathered even more positive comments and likes and what made it even more surprising was, there were friends who were inquiring about her cakes if they can order it for special occasions which gave her the hint of starting a personal home business, also considering that cake artists are still very few to count on in Batangas that time.

Chef Yaneh's First Cakes

“I really thank God, because until now I’m still on the trend, there are lots of regular clients who trust my works. Actually I can’t count the cakes I’ve done…  And I believed the more new things you try, the more skills you’ll have and that makes you a better cake decorator/artist.”

Chef Yaneh took up BS HRM wayback 2004 and has an innate talent and enthusiasm in cooking, food crafting and designs. She had so much passion in details that helped her to pursue and enrich her career in baking and cake decorating. To explore more about the cakes and pastry business, she took up classes with renowned Chefs in the metro like Chef Jackie Ang Po and Chef Clyden San Pedro. She equipped herself with more knowledge by reading books and by watching related shows about cake creations.

“I also love watching Buddy Valastro from cake Boss at TLC or Youtube… And I’m really inspired with his cakes and creations.”
Blessed with a very supportive husband, who has been her helping hand in doing all her workloads by sharing thoughts and ideas together to come up with a masterpiece, while having two kids who sparks the inspiration and courage to do all these, and most of all, her God-given talent, Chef Yaneh was able to fulfill her dreams of delivering more memorable and meaningful celebrations through her cakes.

“I Thank the Lord for blessing me and fulfilling my dreams. Second, my family. My Husband Adrian, actually I can’t do all these things alone. And of course my kids, Vince and Yanah who inspires me to do different cake designs  and make me feel better every time I feel so tired and  sleepy sometimes.

As a regular client of Yaneiz’ Sweet Treats, I’ve seen how her business has grown from fondant cakes, to different kinds of pastries and cookies and now on pastry buffets for parties and other special occasions. 

Apart from the delectable tastes of her cakes it was her artistic designs that made her clients fall in love with her even more. When asked about what made Yaneiz’ Sweet Treats a successful creative mompreneur business?
“Aside from having this opportunity as a business, It’s a PASSION for me… Though there were times na mahirap ung design, lots of details, still the Passion of my heart to do cakes and my eagerness that all of my creations turn into unique and the Best that I can do.”
Cake Arts

To date, Yaneiz’ Sweet Treats has been doing cakes after cakes every day for weddings, baptismal, birthdays, and other celebrations. 

Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes
A wide variety of sweet treats is also available for orders and she can make customized fondant cakes and even chandelier cakes that are gaining popularity nowadays. 

Chandelier Cakes
She has also added pastry buffets that can be available on your special occasions at a very reasonable price.

Pastry/ Dessert Buffets
Her works are impressively one of a kind and her story as a momprenuer is awe-inspiring! And as she continue her ardor in the line of baking, she later on established a good name in the industry which led her to some wedding magazine features and through her countless creative masterpieces, Yaneiz' Sweet Treats started making some cakes for celebrities like Jessie Mendiola and Jason Gainza, slowly realizing that she has been living her dreams. 

Some words of advise from our featured mompreneur:
"Be patient and always entrust everything you do to our Lord. Don’t let yourself get frustrated if you don’t get it right away. Just focus and be positive. And have a Heart in every pieces of your work"
And to describe her success through her passions, Chef Yaneh can only mean three enchanting words- God Fearing, Artistic and Surprising… which she really is!

For customized cakes on your Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversary. Dedications:
Yaneiz' Sweet Treats
Cake Art by Chef Errian V. Matira
Tel. No. (043) 706-4092
Mobile #: 0916-277-4577
Email: errianmatira@yahoo.com
Address: Brgy. Dumantay, Batangas City
Facebook Page: Yaneiz' Sweet Treats
They also Offer Party Themed Buffet Set-Up!

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