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An awesome day beautiful moms!!!

One of the most important treasure that I can share to my children is EDUCATION- the best education possible.  And I want my kids to have an enjoyable impression on learning, that learning is not a PRESSURE but a PLEASURE.  They should think that acquiring knowledge is part of their life and having fun while learning.  I admitted to myself that aside from the regular school, I need some help from the expert on how to give my children the easy and enjoyable way of learning. It’s good to know that there is one venture that can provide my needs on helping my kids to enrich their learning in English and Math.   I found Galileo Enrichment and Learning Program as my partner in education. Instead of paying for private tutor I invested in their program because of the new of learning they are offering.

Why I like Galileo?

I like Galileo because it has Five Learning Ways that makes Math and English meaningful, exciting and fun.  It develops a positive attitude towards studying by associating fun with learning.  It also nurtures skills and talents.  

Five Learning Ways of Galileo
Space Race
Photos of Galileo
Zoom your way to academic success by zapping math and english questions with your super turbo answers

Nova data

Photos of Galileo

Decode your next destination in space by answering worksheets 

Tactile LaunchPad

Photos of Galileo

Ready to launch! Manipulate boards,
 beads, and pegs to create a
Mathematical and
English astromind

Cyber Explorer

Click to be granted access to the cyber kingdom of words and numbers.

Book Galaxy

Enter mysterious portals 
through books and explore 
different stars and worlds

Your kids will not get bored with the activities that will take about 30 to 45 minutes every session.  The students works closely with teacher-facilitator and is given fun activities to supplement lesson for the day.  The learning ways provides the benefits for the young learners like improved school grades, become academically competitive and will gain a lot of friends.

The most important benefit I got from Galileo is the study habit and their attitude toward learning.  They recognize the value and having fun while learning.

Learning is a process that requires time and effort.  Students are encouraged to be part of the Galileo program for at least one(1) year in order to observe significant improvements.  The program works with learners in a continuous effort and aims to teach excellent study skills and independence.

The best time to begin a student's journey in the Galileo program is NOW.  The sooner you get your child into the program, the sooner he/she will be able to reap the program's benefits.  Once the student enters the program, your child is assess according to his skills.  The student may start his Galileo experience after the assessment, which only take 15 minutes of his time.

They also offer Singapore Math and Galileo Little Explorer.

For more information and for assessment, visit the nearest Galileo Center.

 Make your child's learning day a happy day!!!!!

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

GF Salamin Building, 197 Salcedo Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Telefax: (632) 845.1234, 553-6193, and 478-3207

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