Why You Need to Aspire: MumsDailyPh's 1st Meet-up Preview

10:08 AM

Something enriching and a definitive call for action to success is taking place this weekend on Uncle Cheffy at Lipa City, Batangas - the first ever venue for MumsDailyPh's event. My team and I are cooking up a ground-breaking moment with the help of Business Hat, Inc.'s Jackie Caniza. Have you read her success story? Find it here.

It is incredible that we are selling out an idea we've dreamed of for so long now. In a matter of days, that dream will become a reality. But the most thrilling for us, at MumsDailyPh, is to meet the first 20 like-minded women, who have success stories of their own or in the process of achieving their own success goals. Let the countdown begin. Excited?

Yes! We aspire to gather in one place the few invited women whom we believe will do big things in the near future and whom we are very thankful for because they believe in us. We are thrilled because they accepted our invitation on a short notice. At this early, we express our deep gratitude. Thank you! 

Soft Reminder: Be on time on Saturday coz we've prepared surprises with the help of our generous sponsors for Aspire: 1st MumsDailyPh's Meet-up. ;-)

But today, let's answers a few of your questions. Why would we like you to be part of this event? And why would we like you to aspire? Those are just few questions maybe to most of our readers who have second thoughts on what this hustle and bustle is all about. And I hope to give you the answers briefly and let you in for a sneak peek on what to expect this Aug 15.

If someone asked you that question, what would your answers be? Let us pause and be clear. Aspiration is a strong desire or ambition that is etched within us from the moment we realized our goals in life. It is not just the temporary stimulation of what you see or hear from others. Those are inspirations. Those that would require you to pins or likes and save in your bucket list folders of wants. Aspiration is something more that involves striving in a long lasting way to achieve something or become that something.

At MumsDailyPh first interactive event, we urged you to aspire. There is something within you that needs to get up and take on the challenges to achieve your success goals.

With our vision to offer a helping hand in the entrepreneurship department for the Southern Tagalog mums, and with Business Hat's focus on providing effective coaching to ensure smooth start-up of your first venture or continuing your business to greater significance, we are proud that our hopes and dreams will come true. Because you aspire with us!

As promised, here's what you can expect at the very least from the workshop on Saturday.

Ready for your aspirations? Be there. 

Have you completed your registration? Registration fee is Php 800 inclusive of workshop materials, lunch and snacks. It's like you just eat out but so much more to take home!

See you on August 15 at Uncle Cheffy, Lipa, Batangas. Registration starts at 8:30am.

Your MumsDailyPh at work! ;-)

This event was co-sponsored by Galileo, Serendipity Prints, Laiya White Cove Beach Resort, Fern-C, Urban Mom, Kerygma, Iamshoppaholic,  Pretty Options Lab, 3M1D Photography, Yashica Skin Care, Wackikay Kikay, Yaneiz' Sweet Treats, Ate Weng's Nuts and Candies and Uncle Cheffy.

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