We need a coach; we need a mentor

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Are you an aspiring mompreneur?  Yes?? Me, too!

I am an employee and I want to go into entrepreneurship because I want to make a difference.  Big word!! Yes... my wild dream, to make a difference to my life and to others.  I'd like to create jobs. Entrepreneurship can uplift other people's lives and it is a long term solution to poverty. Whether you want your OFW husband to retire young, or you want to prove your great value as a woman, or you're aiming for financial freedom.  Whatever it is, you have established the first step into business.  You have a clear picture of what you want and why you want to do your goals.

Upon realizing the first step the next will be execution.

Then, we're there!  We picture ourselves in the throne of success.  In our mind, we're enjoying our dreams then we ask, "How can I achieve my goals?" Then we have excuses, lack of time, lack of money, someone is holding us back, the dream is too hard, it's too complicated or too much of a commitment.  Maybe it is lack of education or experience.  Or perhaps, we had more contacts or more friends or fewer obligations or were younger.......So much of excuses.  And those excuses allow us to justify our lack of progress.  We're stuck!! And it's the time for us to look for a mentor or a coach.  She/he can be an author, a friend, a community or an expert.  We need a mentor/coach to make our goals into reality. 
One of my mentors is an author.  Self-help books fuel my passion and goals.   Recently, I finished reading Moms Means Business, a guide to creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur.  The author said that moms have the available resources that can help build a business.  Mothers possess the most important tool kit that an entrepreneur should have.  These are mom's personality traits.  Mothers have perseverance, passion, confidence, courage, patience, intuition and a lot more.  We have the ability to keep going even after we've run obstacle after obstacle.  We take risks.  And the author is right.  We can do anything for our family.   

See....we have a lot of strengths, which means we have to let go of our fears.  Whether it is a fear of success and all the expectations that come with it, or fear of failure and all the disappointment or embarrassment that comes with it. Whatever it is, we can convene the courage to conquer it.  Choose to let go of all the excuses for why we can't have what we want in life. 
According to Brian Tracy, "Success is goals and all else is commentary.  Your life only begins to become a great life when you clearly identify what is that you want, make a plan to achieve it and then work on that plan every single day."

I'd like also to share the encouragement from another mentor Bro. Bo Sanchez. "Walk around.  Get out.  Move about.  Talk to shakers, movers, winners, and achievers.  Ask questions.  Listen up.  Get inspired.  Meeting great people will have an impact on your dreams.  They will stretch you, expand you, and lift your capacities beyond what you thought is possible."

We need mentors or coaches who can encourage us to pursue our goals, we need like-minded people who can understand our dreams, we need inspirations for us to realize that our dreams can be a reality and we need experts who can share the do's and dont's in the area we are lacking the information so as to move forward.


Go out and expand!
 Let's achieve our goals together!                                                                                                        

P.S.: If you want to experience coaching by an expert and you want to associate yourself with the like-minded mompreneurs, please join ASPIRE:1st MumsDailyPh's Meet-Up  this August 15 at Uncle Cheffy, Lipa City Batangas. 

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