Meet our Speaker: Momprenuer Jackie Caniza of Business Hat Inc.

1:45 PM

"How will I design my own business according to my goals and resources?" This question oftentimes linger into my mind. Putting up a business maybe that easy especially when you have the resources but staying in the business, getting connections and being competitive can be tough. This one of a kind Business by Design Workshop will help you create an entirely new model or review and revise an existing one, and will help participants think about its business components in a simple yet effective way. 

About the Speaker

The 1st MumsDailyPh's Workshop will be facilitated by Mompreneur Jackie Sarmiento Caniza, a success coach and managing partner of Business Hat. Inc. She has over 15 years experience as a Human Resources executive in the world's largest company for women. In 2012, she retired from the corporate world and set up her own business and now works as a Success Coach for Business Hat.

While setting up her business, she took further studies and graduated from the Coaching Essentials course of CoachU, a global pioneer in the coaching industry. She also obtained an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As a Success Coach, Jackie works with promising individuals and teams to achieve their goals through coaching, training and consulting. Having spent years in the corporate world, she managed her own career, which led her to move up the ladder on a regular pace, allowing her to hone her leadership values and principles. She has always been fascinated by business and uses some of the most practical business concepts to apply it to how we live our lives and manage our careers. Jackie is passionate about having balance in her own life too and is in constant search for the right tools and resources to help her and others achieve this.

About Business Hat Inc.
Business Hat, Inc. was founded by Jackie Sarmiento Cañiza in order to provide a practical support system for individuals and teams in various fields. Whether they are starting a career or business, a new supervisor or manager, working on a new project or assignment, or wanting to find better life balance, achieving these very important goals are the focus of the company.
"Living involves tearing up one rough draft after another."

Let us help you create your Blueprint. Join ASPIRE: The 1st MumDailyPh's Meet- Up! This workshop will guide you in designing a life vision based on your values and priorities. 


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