When In Tagaytay: Where to Take Your Kids

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Hello Mums!

Traveling with tots can be fun if you know the right places to visit. Vacations are all about relaxing and enjoying yourself and your bonding moment with your family. It may take lots of preparations to do but just embrace the fact that it is just part of life. Sometimes, even well thought of plans will get thrown out of the window just because kids act like kids. Hence, look for places that are near but can offer some amusement and excitement to the kids, and to you as well.

To help you out planning for a road trip with your kids somewhere near, here are some of Tagaytay's attraction that would make your vacation with your kids more fun.

1. Tagaytay Sky Ranch

Tagaytay SkyRanch is one the newest amusement park in Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. It boast the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country, the "Sky Eye", which is 63 meters (207ft) in height and has 32 gondolas.

Tagaytay City, being about 2,000 ft above sea level, will give you a good bird's eye view at Sky Eye's highest point of 2,207 ft. Exciting, right? I just hope that the kiddos won't feel like the need to go the loo at this point. Yikes!

There are also the usual carousel and express trains to ride for the smaller ones. For bigger kids, who are looking for extra excitement like that of Anchor's Away in Enchanted Kingdom, they can try the Super Viking. Other rides are Nessi Coaster, Red Baron, Wonderflight, Flying Bus, Mini Viking, Snail Attack, Sky Cruiser, Top Dancer and Jump Around.

The total value of all rides is P1500, but there are vouchers on web deals that you can purchase ahead for a great discount. Or you can pay-per-ride when you are on the place but be prepared for long queues.

2. Puzzle Mansion

Another nice place to stop and explore is the Puzzle Mansion.

It is a vast museum where you can find the record-breaking puzzle collection of Gina Gil Lacuna. She was recognized in the Guinness World Records for having the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in the World. She beat the reigning Brazilian Luiza Figueiredo. Inspiring!

When we visited the museum, she is at home so my kid got to personally met her and got inspirations from her. All sizes of jigsaw puzzles - small, medium large and extra large, 3D jigsaw puzzle in all shapes and forms and crystal puzzles are her enormous collection that made it to the Guinness World Records.

It started as just a hobby for Ms. Gina Lacuna and now all her completed pieces were housed in a mansion. It is just amazing how fast she can complete a piece.

3. Marcia Adams

Okay, this may be a not so popular destination for kids. But exploring Tagaytay and having a very active day may need some lows even for just an hour or two. This place is for a good dining experience for the mums and dads when in Tagaytay. Which is essential such that all the members of the family get the most of the day and get the relaxation that the adults deserve to have.

For a Tuscan ambiance and serene dining experience, I do recommend this place. Enjoying the cool wind in Tagaytay will be a lot different when you tune down a bit and let your kids get entertained on themselves for awhile with their gadgets. Or they can explore the garden and have a relaxed and undistracted bonding time with you.

The place is small but every corner spells beauty and nature. It is something out of the usual, not overrated place but really delivers good food and unforgettable ambiance. It's a personal favorite and I always believe in trying something new because it can be a refreshing experience.

This restaurant needs a reservation ahead and priced a bit higher than average. Cash payment is the only mode of payment here.

So, there it is mums! I hope you'll have a beautiful day out with your kids when in Tagaytay. And let me hear from you. What are your favorite attractions and restaurants in Tagaytay?

                                                         Till my next Mums' tips!  

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