School Bag Review: Have You Heard of Parachute Rolling Bags?

11:05 PM

When I was a young student, I didn't recall if school bag has ever been an issue to me or to any of my classmates. We surely have notebooks and textbooks, but I don't think it is as many and as heavy as the current situations of school bags of schoolchildren nowadays.  

Being a parent now, I recognized the difference of my time versus my son's. And I am aware of the growing concern on how weights of school bags becomes a dilemma of majority of the schoolchildren and the parents, as well. I don't want my child to suffer from back pain due to heavy bags. So, I really invest on one of those 6-wheeled rolling school bags that can house a library. Haha. It's just an exaggeration but seriously I don't know how children can carry those big volumes of books and all the school stuff they need everyday even if it clearly shows that the loads they carry are heavier than their body weights. And that's where the wheels becomes handy.

A few trend checking/price comparing/mum's-smart-shopping days ago, I've chanced on these new cute school bags. It has rollers and comes in a variety of colors and patterns! 

I've learned that the Parachute backpacks can either be carried or rolled which is a great solution to more senior schoolchildren who are not comfortable anymore in using their "pre-schooler days" roller bags. Oh, the kids of today who in the name of "porma" has to suffer from carrying heavy loads in school. 

Material: PVC; 102cm maximum height when trolley is extended

There is another kind for those who has tens of textbooks to carry daily, which is the rolling duffle bag. It's very roomy with several pockets and organizers on its interior. And it comes with free lunch box! 

Material is PVC, size 45.5 x 37.5 x 17.5 cm, 75cm max height when trolley is extended,
4 additional pockets for better organization

I really find these bags practical even for college students who needs organizing with their school essentials and yet still in fashionable styles. And so it's also useful to us, mums! Like during our weekend shoppings or housing our work essentials when we go to work so we needn't carry three or four smaller bags. Hmmm, what do you think of these bags? 

I saw these Parachute bags at Rustan's Department store. But mums, they are also available online. Hooray! Online shops are at,, and Backpack roller bag is priced at Php 1300.00 and Duffel roller bag is Php 2100.00.

There you are mums! I hope this post helped you find that perfect bag for your schoolchildren to keep out the heavy weights off their shoulders and also for you! If you haven't heard of it, don't forget you first learned it here. *wink

                                              Till my next Mums' tips!  

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