Mum's Tips: How to start a DIY Home Garden?

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We all know how expensive it is to hire the services of a professional landscape architect. With the current trend of modern landscaping business in the country today, it would cost about 50,000 to 100,000 pesos to get that beauty and utility into your garden and prices can go up to a hike depending on the range of the area to be covered. I've had my personal share of sentiments about this matter and so I've set aside my small outdoor space for quite some time, until i have learned that I can actually do it without having the professional services of an expert. 

If you are planning to renovate your garden spaces or maybe wanting to work it out all by yourself anytime soon, I have gathered some humble tips on how you can start a do-it-yourself  home garden on a mommy budget which i have learned while working in my little outdoor space.

Set your Goals

Just as what you would do with a kitchen remodel, begin your planning with a list of qualities you want and how you will execute them. Most of us either can conquer much more or much less than what we think we can. So set your mind and prepare your soul that you will be spending your next 5 days or weekends breaking your back and transforming your ideas into reality. 

Figure Out Your Style

If you are just starting out and not feeling secure with how to landscape, drive around different neighborhoods and check out some landscaping designs they have. Or you can do some scan research on the internet and see what houses and yards appeal to you.

Evaluate your Site

Before you physically add your dream landscape elements, go outside and objectively evaluate what's good and not so good about your yard. This site analysis will become your road map for change. Walk around the perimeter of your property as if you were a stranger, objectively analyzing what you see. Note down your evaluation in a notebook or a piece of paper. It will help you in altering the elements on your yard to blend it perfectly with your surroundings.

Note the topography, showing which locations are sloped, sunny, or shaded. Consider sun and wind patterns. Note also the type of soil you have, in order for you to add a budget for some garden soil to be purchased.

Create a Base Map

Add sketches to your notes to help you see what's there and generate new ideas so you can select the best options. It's a low-cost way to explore and prevent costly mistakes. You can even draw the whole concept that you have in your mind on how you want your garden to look like. This step will guide you in choosing the type of plants to be placed in each area of your surroundings and this will also help you in planning your budget for your plants and other decorations. And don't forget to look back to this map while layering your diy project.

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Make a Budget Plan and Stick with it

After developing a plan and your base map, put real numbers to it and realistically decide what you can and want to spend -- today, next month, or maybe next year. Be true to your budget, and don't be impulsive. I had this mistake once when i started my garden a year before. Sometimes, we have the tendency to go buy something and plunk it in the yard and then suddenly realize that they don't really match, but because we got it on sale, so there we have it. Stick with the plan.

Evaluate your choices

When it comes to shopping for plants and other outdoor decorations, its always good to evaluate your choices based on your budget, install and the upkeep or maintenance factor of your garden. 

Set a Time Table

Much like money counts, your time counts, too. For sure you wouldn't want to spend the entire week or weekend digging the soil and planting your ornaments. When it comes to do-it-yourself landscaping, you have to think about when you'll get to things and realistically look at when you can get all things neat and done. Don't over commit and wind up disappointed.

A landscape must have been really a direct expression of your tastes and attitudes as a homeowner, and it also can be a place that provides a thoughtful and deliberate spot for activities you  wish to do with your family. Be creative and put your heart into it.

Now you can begin to play with the landscape layout of your garden!
Have fun!

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