Back-to-School Tips for Mums

10:45 AM

Adapting a new school year off to a good start can inspire our kids into positive attitude and good performance academically and socially.  The transition from two months summer vacation to going back to school can be difficult for both children and parents.  It can bring great excitement……and anxieties too.  But if we will become mindful on how to handle the transition, it can lessen the pressures of school life.  By mere advance planning and maintaining positive attitude, we can promote happy and enjoyable school experience.

Here are mums’ tips and suggestions :

1. Gear Up  Early
  • Involve your kids in buying school supplies and uniforms, covering and labeling books and note books. Get your child excited with their new supplies and let them try it for putting names on their school things.
  • Make a plan meals for school days.
  • Weeks before the school starts, ask your child to help you clean up their study table.  You can also encourage your kids to decorate their designated place for home work.   These are simple pleasures of going back to school a lot more fun.  
2. Ease the routine
  • Practice your new routine a few days in advance. Re-establish the bedtime and mealtime schedules.
  •  Read together, do puzzles or flash cards activities instead of watching TV.  It will help children feel comfortable and can easily adapt to school routine. 
  • Clear your schedule, postpone business trips or extra projects, just focus on helping your child to overcome the new routine.

3. Connect with people involve in school.
  • Joining a social media group (facebook, twitter etc) can help you get updated with the school schedules.  You can find out your child's class this year and can be easy for you to connect with them before the school starts.  This activity can ease their first day in school to find new classmates and classroom.  
  • Connect with the school bus operator as well as with their busmates.  Check the contract, if necessary. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the principal, teachers, school nurse, counselor, and other persons you can access in times of need.  You can do it by attending parents orientation.

4. Review child's schoolbooks.
  • Once you receive the schoolbooks, try to scan out the pages.  Sometimes, there are missing pages or printing problems.  As early as possible, you can report it to the teacher for replacement.
  •  Allow your kids to scan also their school books and share your enthusiasm for the subjects.  Show also your confidence in your child's learning ability.

5. Show care.
  • Insert personal notes in the snack box or notebook. It can encourage the ability to cope with first-day-of-school mayhem.
  • Remain calm and positive.  Pre-schoolers in particular may experience shyness or separation anxiety during first few days. Don't overreact.  Teachers are well-trained to help them adjust.   Our kids absorb our anxieties, so model optimism and confidence for our child. 
We, parents, have big influence in our children's education that can lead to huge difference in their success.  So, let's maintain mindfulness and positivity!!

                                                                                               Stay tuned!!!

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