A Mindful Mum's Baon Tips and Ideas

11:06 AM

Howdy Beautiful Mommies!!!

If you follow me on this blog, you might read a mindful word on my entries several times.  Yeah, because that is my #mommanifesto.  Being mindful.  Being present in the moment.  Knowing what I am doing and why I am doing things.  

According to Dr. Kristen Race author of Mindful Parenting “We spend too much time in our minds revisiting the past and rehearsing our future.  Mindfulness is an exercise in paying attention to the here and now, something that modern times is incredibly hard to do”.  

Mothers are born multi-taskers. We live 24/7, overscheduled and overstimulated, that is why we  are prone to rush.    And our kids are not immune.  They are the victim of stress around the world.  And I want to practice mindful parenting to bring profound benefits to my children like, being resilient and more sociable.

Presently, me and my kids are coping with the back-to-school routine.  And I know you are in a same situation.  We are now challenged again with the baon ideas everyday.  Every mother aim to serve nutritious and delicious foods for their kids.  This is how I'm gonna practice my mindfulness manifestation. I am going to plan their baon for the week.

And here are my menu for this week:

Preparing for lunch and snacks for school requires a lot of careful planning, budgeting and parent child negotiation.  There are several ways of handling this challenging work mindfully.  

It is important to involve our kids in preparing for their baon.  Like, bringing them in the supermarket, allowing them to select the snack items that they want and letting them help in packing their food.

Plan your kids' baon a week ahead and give them lots of healthy selections.  Just like what I did.  There are lots of easy recipe online like YUMMY which provide wide variety of easy meals everyday. You can find also in magazines, newspaper, social media and cook books.  

Prepare home-cooked dishes and home-made drinks.  Aside from being assured of the nutritional value of the food, you can save money by making home-made tocino, tapa, longganisa, cupcakes, muffins and fruit juices.

Pack the right proportions of food and prepare bite-sized portions to lessen leftovers.

Be concern with the food safety when packing lunches by using "BPA-free" lunch boxes and drinking bottles.

We can eliminate baon dillemas by preparing it mindfully and enjoying our connection with our child. Let's cherish this kind of moment!  

Parenting is more enjoyable if we pay attention to here and now.  Appreciate the present moment and add fun in everything that we do.  

                                                                                            Stay tuned!




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