A Little Extra Help for our Dear House Helpers

12:36 PM

We are all aware of the Kasambahay Law to protect the rights of our dear house helpers/kasambahays. I must say that we take this seriously to avoid problems in the future. But I would not tackle any details of this law on this blog because I'm sure that we have digested all the information from television, radio and internet to follow it by heart.

Apart from the Kasambahay Law, we should also remember that the attitude we take towards others and the behaviors we model for the children, shape our present and future. Treating others decently and with respect delivers a strong signal to our children on the values we live by. As parents or elders, we should set good examples to younger generation -- to always Walk our Talk! The employer-helper relationship can be a positive one. I always think of some things on how to extend extra help to our kasambahays and here are some that I practice.

  1. Buy them toiletries. Whenever I go to supermarkets, I always bring my children with me for a simple bonding moment. I let them pick something for kasambahays like toothpaste, soap, lotion and shampoo. In this way, they don't need to take off this expense from their monthly salary.  
  2. Give them pre-loved stuffs. Aside from clothes, I also give them my children's old school uniforms, old/leftover school supplies like notebooks, pens, crayons, etc., last year's school bag and shoes for their children or siblings. By doing this, we can impart to our children the value of sharing.
  3. Give them allowance on top of their salary. This is for their snacks, cellphone loads to stay connected with their family, a piece of clothing or small things that they may want to buy. This may also serve as their savings. In this way, they can send their salary in full to their families in the province.
  4. Give them health insurance. I recently found out about the "Healthy Ka Pinoy or HKP" health emergency card being offered by Philippine National Bank. I am impressed by its features and coverage, so I immediately got the insurance for our kasambahays.
  • It is an affordable insurance product which provides: Php20,000 Emergency Hospital Care for Accident and Sickness; and Php100,000 Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability benefits and Php20,000 Accidental Burial Benefit.
  • The Annual Premium to avail is only Php750. To double the coverage (another card), an additional premium of Php500 is to be paid or a total annual premium of Php1,250. 
  • The coverage period is for 365 days from date of payment, and can be automatically renewed through Auto Debit Arrangement. 
  • If no claim was made for the period of 1 year, members get a 20% credit back of the premium cost to their PNB savings account.
  • For complete details, please check this link Heathy Ka Pinoy

Always remember to always be grateful to our kasambahays because they make our daily lives easier. Treat them as family members! A simple "thank you" means a lot to them. 

Mabuhay ang mga kasambahay!

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