A Father's Day Special

7:23 AM

Just like Moms, Dads plays an important role in the growth and development of every child. And as moms, it would be just fair enough to admit that, yes, mothering can be the most complex role but fathering could be just the same. However, not all fathers are involved in the children’s lives just as moms do. And we couldn't agree more to the saying that, "Any man can become a father, but it takes someone special to become a Dad". YES, it is.
May we just share a difference between a father and a dad. A father's  relationship is biological as they do share DNA with the child. A father is someone who gets up everyday to provide for the family, put a roof on your head, clothes on your back, and supply the food and money, but he may not share responsibility in the child’s growth and development. 

On the contrary, a Dad's relationship is emotional. Dads are the ones who are there for the child, when they needed them most. They are the ones who are more than willing to attend the child’s games and team practices. They are the ones who never get tired of taking the children out for a holiday, teach them to ride a bike or drive a car. They teaches the value of hard work, perseverance, productivity, persistence and discipline. They encourages independence and achievement. They also provide guidance, an open ear and a caring heart.

"Being a Father is an act of nature, while, being a Dad is all about nurture. "

It is much easier to become a father, many even do it unintentionally; however, it is much harder to commit to become a dad. And becoming a great Dad that every child can ever dream of having, demands a lot of qualities and affection... As we celebrate this day giving honor to these important men in our lives, let us reflect by sharing some thoughts on specific things or attributes that we appreciate about them.

May we all be reminded that every father or daddy is unique. And no matter how much their shortcomings are and no matter what could be their weaknesses and limitations, let us show our gratitude and thanksgiving for our existence and most especially for everything that they do. Let us make them feel loved and important, not just today but everyday of their lives...
Still, these terms are subjective. So to all the Daddy, Dada, Dad, Papa, Itay, Tatay, Ama ---to all the great fathers who's doing everything for their families, we salute you! 


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