FOODVENTURE: Feliza Cafe Y Taverna at Taal, Batangas

9:00 PM

There are quite a number of reasons why I keep coming back to Taal, Batangas and for some reasons, this historical place has been close to my heart. Just recently, my quest for a different food and dining experience brought me back to this place once again. I have nothing else in mind while driving around when suddenly a stone house-turned cafe caught my attention and so I gave it a try.

Feliza Cafe Y Taverna is actually one of the newest restaurants in Taal, Batangas situated conveniently along Agoncillo St. which is just a tumbling away from the famous Basilica of San Martin De Tours. Taken from the home owner’s name, Feliza Diokno, who is the personal secretary of the first President of the Philippines, Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo, this ancestral house in circa 1890’s is filled with memorabilias of the past.

If you have a penchant for history, then this place is highly recommendable. You can experience and enjoy Feliza Cafe in three ways. First, while waiting for your orders, you can have a glimpse of the house on the second floor as your server will gladly assist you on the short tour.

Lovely rear courtyard garden,
view from above the second floor.

Next, right after the quick tour around Feliza Diokno’s house, it's time for you to enjoy a top-notch Filipino-Spanish-American inspired colonial cuisine, mixed with Taal’s local specialties developed by Executive Chef Giney Villar of Adarna Food and Culture (at Kalayaan Ave., QC). 

Beef marinated in wine and spices, seared and slow-cooked till tender.
Served with roasted potatoes and fresh salad greens and figs.

A quarter chicken smothered in a special smokey pimiento sauce.
Served with rice and a refreshing watermelon and cucumber salad.

I really had nothing but good words to say with regards to their food bundled with a quick historical treat inside Feliza Cafe. The food was great, carefully crafted and very well presented. It just reminded me of how delicious our food culture has been preserved.

And the pretty details on the table added beauty and elegance to the dining experience.

Taal's pride, Suman (sweetened sticky rice) served two-ways: Traditional and Crisp
with three dips - Batangas Tablea, Coconut Cream and Mango.

This superbly converted ancestral house is also a bed and breakfast facility. Up for a Taal trip and adventure soon? You can book an overnight stay or two with your family and enjoy everything that Feliza Cafe Y Taverna has to offer! Delish Filipino cuisine, rich history, and a comfortable place to have your much deserved rest and relaxation.


As a mum wanderer and inborn foodie this place deserves to be noticed. You and your family’s activity can include a short walk from the cafe to Asia’s Biggest Church and discover a lot more about history around the town of Taal which claims to be the "Vigan of the South".

The province of Batangas, especially this town is one of the few places that is armed with well-preserved culture and history that needs to be reintroduced to our younger generations along with our Filipino cuisines. Yes, history can be boring at times and visiting places like this can make it more enjoyable for the family especially the younger ones. Food and adventure wrapped into one!

                                                                                        Till our next Foodventure!

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