Review: Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa in Antipolo City

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Are you looking for a fresh idea of getaway where you and your family will definitely relax and enjoy? There's a wellness sanctuary designed in a poetic view of Antipolo City where me and my family discovered. I've shared it first HERE. I can recommend it to everyone looking for a nice place for family bonding; to recharge oneself; or to just refresh with nature. It is just an hour drive away from Manila.

Loreland Farm Resort

As part of the Loreland Farm, Loreland resort is what you'll first see upon entering the place. Honestly, I wasn't actually expecting much from Luljetta's maybe because I was oriented to the shrieks and merriments of happy visitors at this adjacent resort. It wasn't even summer when me and my husband first visited this place but the resort is already busy and packed.

I checked the rates and it's very affordable. Hence, a good destination for budget-conscious family or group of friends. If you'd like to book a room for Luljetta's, this is where their overnight accommodations are. 

The Hanging Gardens and Spa 

At far back of the resort is where the hanging gardens are located.

"Happily ever after starts here" is what the signage at their entrance reads. It naturally gave me a smile.

We found the hanging gardens through descending to their long and winding staircase. The mystery is almost building up as we descend.

I can feel the vibe of nature. A very good vibe. Fresh air, lush green, quietude with soft relaxing music are the welcoming aura of this garden and spa.

The kids will love the water facilities of Luljettas while the mommies and daddies must try any of their relaxing spa packages.

The Retreat Packages and Spa Menu

Their rate starts at as low as Php 100.00 for a 30-minute experience of Dr. Fish Spa, where big or small fishes tickles and relaxes your feet while bonding with your loved ones.

Head or back massages is at Php 315.00 for half an hour, good for a quick stress buster. What I highly recommend, if mommies have limited time to relax (yes, we are a control freak at times who can't let go of our kids out of our site), is the Luljetta's Signature massage at Php 550.00 per hour or Ventosa with whole body massage at Php 750.00 for one and a half hour.

The tension in your body will ease out as you can adjust the pressure with their well-trained massage therapists. There are other treatments that are good to try from their Royal Treatments Menu.

If you prefer just the water amenities, there is a Hanging Gardens Retreat package or the Hanging Gardens Getaway. Both are good for 7 hours access to their sauna, heated jacuzzi, hydro massage, infinity pools, Dr. Fish spa, shower, locker room, and access to lounges and gardens plus a snack of Antipolo's Best Suman and welcome drinks

Hanging Gardens Retreat is Php 990.00/person while Hanging Gardens Getaway is Php 1500.00/person since the latter has included 2 snacks and a 4 course wellness menu.

If you want to have combined spa services and access to water amenities, choose from their Spa Packages and just add Php 500 to have full access on their water amenities for another 3 hours.

The place is really a sanctuary of wellness and an easy escape from all the noises and heat of the cities. Whichever you may wish to try on their menu, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the experience plus the panoramic view of Rizal and Manila. And that is all taken care of the refreshing vibe of Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa.

MDP's Verdict: A family-friendly must-visit destination that is just a stone's throw away from Manila!

For directions to get to this place, you may click on this link.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa
Loreland Farm Resort
Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, PH
Contact Nos.: 0917-5444432; (02) 6228779

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