Mums Wander: A Gastronomical Experience at Pascua's Freestyle Kitchen

12:19 AM

Talking about “gastronomical” experience, as a mom and an individual, when i say gastronomical in my own terms it doesn't only mean, good food, but it should be a package of good to great food, with an inviting and cozy ambiance, quintessential for my family and ofcourse value for money. 
I was just amazed that finally, a restaurant like Pascua’s Freestyle Kitchen has opened its doors to the people of Batangas to offer not just good food, or should i say great Batangas dishes with a “twist” but also a dining space that is warm and home-y. An archetype of a perfect family-friendly casual dine-in restaurant.
The interiors of the place is minimalist, with its black and white color themed walls, dining sets, a collage of the owner's family portraits and wall decals that breaths life and inspiration.

I also love the little details that made it more like a home, just like the panel of earth color curtains hanging along the glass window panes.

But more than the distinct interiors of the place that is just 2 minutes away from the town proper of Bauan, Batangas, it is the food that is truly worth your visit.
Sweet Crispy Bread Chips with pimiento, cheesy pesto, and tomato cilantro tuna dips
From  Pascua’s Freestyle Kitchen itself’s tagline “We are Bauan’s premiere casual dining restaurant serving family favorites and tributes to local cuisine” they actually had the consistency of style and concept of bringing Batangas cuisines into a modern take.
Mackerel Tuna Stew in Oil-based Pasta served with Garlic Pandesal

I love that mason jar!
The overall feel of the restaurant gives it's guests a different experience. Artsy centerpieces compliments well with its design too. And with its exceptional notion and tribute to local Filipino produce, i must say that Pascua’s Freestyle Kitchen is a pride of Batangas.
Surely this restaurant is a recommended spot by your wanderer mum! A gastronomical experience for you and your family to try! Not just a typical casual dining experience in the province of Batangas but also a trove of modern Batangas cuisine, twisted and served with warmth and delight by your Batangueño Kababayans. 
                                                       Till our next foodtrip!

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