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Happy Wednesday Mommies!!

Month of May is passing through like a flash.  Looking at the calendar, it's just more than a week and school break is over.  Busier days are coming.  As a working mum,  there are so many thoughts running through my brains.  Thoughts about my projects, about my 8-5 job, about having a perfect life for my family and being a perfect mum for my tweens.  It drains me and I struggle to find a balance.  But.... we are mums, SUPERMUMS!!!! We can endure everything because we always find ways.

For now, I just want to sit down, relax and share.  I love sharing, somehow it's a way of putting myself into focus. 

And I would love to share my picks for the week. You might get ideas for yourself and for your household. 

1. K-Mom Nature free Premium Organic Wet Wipes
I got this organic wet wipes at Mighty Baby  during Expo Mom 2015. Just perfect for my sensitive skin.  I use this for removing make up and during our travel. You can order it online by clicking here.

K-Mom Naturefree Premium Organic Wipes is made up of 99.8% purified water & all natural plant extracts. Containing 4 natural ingredients & is free from 9 harmful chemicals, this product uses superior material, EMBO, for baby's delicate skin which are specially made by Lenzing, a leading fibre innovation company in Austria. Each piece of wipe goes through 6 layers of filtration so it is ultra purified.

Cost: Php 170.00/pack

2. Glasslock food containers
As much as possible, I avoid using reusable plastic containers at home.  I noticed that plastic is more susceptible to germs and bacteria.  When I saw the TV commercial at O Shopping, I found it practical because the deal consists of 11pcs container set for Php 1,995.00 only with free lunch bag.  This product suits as lunch box for my tween this coming school year.  It can not easily broken and has airtight cover.

Product description
 Made with hygienic tempered glass, the Glasslock Food Containers do not easily break compared to other glass containers. It is microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe (can withstand up to -20°C). These are airtight containers that helps keep food fresh and prevent spillage. No spillage means no food wastage, mess, and unwanted smells.
Compared to plastic containers, Glasslock containers are BPA (Bisphenol A) free which makes it environment-friendly and ideal for food storage.

 3. Mould and Paint Cars
I picked this one from Make My Day at Expo Mom 2015. My tween created 8 cars using the powdered supplies and molder inside the box.  They enjoyably decorated it with the paint included in the package. Make My Day has a variety of arts and crafts boxes suitable for all kids.  You can check out their other products online and also you can order here. Their products are good gift ideas for kids.

Cost: Php 300.00


4. Mindful Parenting in Kindle Books

Reading is my "me-time".  I allow myself to read at least an hour in a day.  I do it during my break in the office or before going to sleep.  Self-help books are appealing to me.  I love to learn from the experts. Mindful Parenting is my mission so as to create a good environment for my children and for them to gain resiliency in this past-paced life.  We can't control the overstimulated and attention fragmented world but mothers should learn how to manage life's curve-balls by being mindful.  Check out this book at Amazon.

5. K-Zone Magazine

The magazine where kids rule!  My boys love it.  Latest issue excites them to find out what's new on online gaming, entertainment, art and crafts.   Follow our child's lead to enjoy reading.  Support them to their choice of reading materials.  K-Zone is their comfort zone.  They found their crowd in K-Zone.

                                                                 Shop Mindfully!!!!

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