Mum Style Tips: How to Upgrade your Look with a Kimono

12:19 AM

Hello beautiful Mums!

With so much on our daily plate as mums, looking beautiful may be a very future tense or by appointment only. That's reality when we are faced with so many pressures of this mum's busy world. And it's hard to look at our best once we are focused on doing our most demanding duty - mommy duties.

But I have realized, though it took me long, that it is important to feel good to become a well-rounded and happy Mum! Oftentimes, there is a feeling of guilt and a notion of being selfish when I put myself needs on the checklist of tons to do in taking care of my child and my husband. That's a familiar and common ludicrous tale that most of us, mommies, all share. But a moment of spending time with ourselves is essential to boost our self-esteem and nurture our well-being. Take a look at your wardrobe for instance. What's your style staple nowadays? It's hard to get a grip of it when all the time of our waking hours are centered on this crazy parenting orbit.

Here's a simple piece of apparel that I'm happy to share to any Mum out there, just so you can swing your way back to your fashion sense once again.

Kimonos are practical, light and flowy materials that best serve style and comfort even in hot or cold weather. It is thin enough to just cover your shoulders when you need one. While it gives a little warm feeling when you want to hide from cold air. Pair it with the right footwear and your simple, casual attire can turn into glam instantly.

Here's my few illustrations using ordinary Mum's wear on any given day.

1. A coordinated footwear and a kimono will upgrade your plain T-shirt and denim shorts into a more styled and better you.

2. Ordinary or ripped jeans topped with white camisole or sleeveless is made extraordinary with a printed yellow and brown kimono and a pair of neutral shoes.

3.  Just the same ordinary jeans and top but with different color and prints of kimono will do a lovely transformation. Just mix and match to get the polished look without sacrificing your week's budget.

Now, is it easy to copy those looks? Of course, it is. Try out different colors and prints that will suit your personality. One more thing, this piece of clothing is too foldable that you needn't worry how to keep it crease free even if you pressed it in your heavy and crowded Mums' shopping bag. I should know, I'm one guilty party here of doing things like that. ;-)

As I've learned from advices of FIT4MOM and a direct memo to embrace and love yourself, Susan King Glosby says - keep your own flame burning bright! So, shine and have fun with this style tips, Mums!

     Till my next Mums' tips!      

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