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Mother’s Day gives us the time and opportunity to appreciate and admire not just our fellow moms but most specially our own mothers, whom without them, our existence would have not been possible. More than the greetings and mother’s day surprises that each of us are looking forward to this day, maybe it’s also the perfect time to sit for a while in a minute of silence and reflect on the past year, how our motherhood journey has been.

 "The moment I became a mother, my life was never the same again. Every change in my children will continue to change my life. As a mother, we will never stop growing up. From being a controller we have to transmit to being a coach and soon we'll become a consultant of our children. A transition which implies that motherhood is a reward because we'll be able to experience respect, caring and unconditional love and acceptance."-Mommy Yami, mother of two 
"When you say "MOM", I say "MWAH". She is M-agnificent, W-atchful, A-wesome and H-as the true and purest love of all. Being a MWAH is a choice I make everyday--- to put my two kids' happiness ahead of my own, to watch over their well-being, to be an awesome mom even under pressure and to forgive them over and over again for the love I have for them is endless." -Mommy Shali, mother of two     
"Motherhood never ends – which is both a beautiful fact, and a sobering truth, because we are building something that will last eternally. As an ordinary woman i have learned that my strength and courage can make life and motherhood extraordinary by tapping into the unique gifts and power that is innate in me. Being a mother of two and still hoping to have another child soon, finding my purpose and focusing on the reasons, why and what am I working toward just makes all the difference!" -Mommy Queen, mother of two
"I always look up to the way our Mom raised me and all my siblings. She is nurturing, fair and cool in her own way. When I became one, I lean to that style of motherhood. Nowadays, the checklist for mommies is longer but actually the requirements are still the same. It’s just that being cool had a quirky twist now that it’s not enough to be just energetic and patient but you’ve got to be techy, savvy, updated, youthful, and stylish and the list goes on without compromising your existence – a role model for your kids."  -Mommy Adel, mother of one 

We couldn't agree more to the fact that Motherhood is more than just a stage — it’s a lifelong calling. Motherhood also takes courage. In fact, we found out that our very own experiences of motherhood both unlocks and propels our power, and drives it, not only to influence our families for the better, but our communities and the world as well. The everyday challenges of getting up and mothering with vision and purpose and pressing forward with faith may be an even bigger test of courage because of the unmitigated length of the challenge. It's a challenge that requires all of those factors that conquerors and heroes possess.

Yet, there are still times that we, as moms may struggle to find joy, to feel like our own growth and interests matter, to feed our spirit and feel like we are becoming everything that we are meant to be. Sad but true, motherhood is the most complex and demanding role yet oftentimes it is seen as a submissive role with few rewards.

Today, as we celebrate our Special Day, may we remind everyone that every day the woman in us is whispering that when we become mothers, we are given the gift and the opportunity to step into our mother power which is not just the recognition of opportunities, but a responsibility and a commitment to use that power to advance the lives of other women and fellow moms everywhere! 

As we come together by living and mothering on purpose, fueling and nurturing our souls and developing our gifts while staying connected to the source of divine power, we can create joy and freedom for ourselves and our families.

     From all of us here at MumsDailyPH we wish every moms around the world a 
May our vision to infuse our hunger for purpose make us an example of a joyful, mindful, powerful mothers who will uplift and strengthen others!

Let us celebrate the gift of Mommyhood!

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