5 Ways to Help our Children to Love Reading

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Helping our children to love reading is one of the most important things we can do as a parent and it’s well worth the investment of our time and energy.  It’s the best way to increase our children’s IQ and be confident in communication abilities.  And it really helps our kids to do well in school.

Let’s all admit it!  We are so proud when our kids achieves high grades and excel in class.  Oftentimes, we just can't resist to share on social media our children’s medal, certificates and report cards. Because we feel that doing well in school is their ladder to success.  We picture a good future for them.  And behind all that, is actually our achievement! Because a child's success is victory for the parents. 

And so here are 5 ways of nurturing our child’s love for reading and how they can do well in school.

1. Read to our child.

As early as pregnancy, reading is encouraged because it is a shared experience between parent and child.  Reading aloud with actions (if needed) at a habitual time can develop a good routine of making time together. This shared enjoyment will continue to strengthen our children’s interest and appreciation for reading.  Never stop reading to them for as long as they’ll let you because it gives you lots of chance for conversations about values and choices.

2.  Be a role model.

”Walk the walk, talk the talk.”  How can we encourage our children to read if they don’t see us reading?  Children imitate,  so if they observe that reading is enjoyable and you handle books gently and with respect, it is likely that they will do the same.  

3. Follow our child’s lead.

Let our child help us choose the books we're going to read together.  Perhaps they do not want to read because they don't find the book interesting.  Remember that our goal is to pursue them  to love reading so they must have fun reading.  

4. Start a home library.

Even if it is just two shelves, be sure to keep variety of books and reading materials in our home.  Different kinds of books bolster our child’s foundation with various kinds of stories.  Books should be on easy access to your child so that when they feel like reading they can easily get the books they want.  According to Jane Healy the author of Your Child’s Growing Mind, “Children pick up a special kind of knowledge base if they live in a home where variety of reading is part of daily life.”

5.  Bring our child on regular trips to the bookstore or library.

A great way to spend the weekend is to browse in the bookstore.   School library is also a good idea.  Encourage our kids to bring home books from their school library for pleasure as well as for their studies.  Patronize secondhand shops like Book Sale with marked down books and other stuff. Watched out for book fairs because we can get the best deal and more choices in one place.

The value of reading cannot be overestimated.  So let us ingrain the habit of reading in their childhood for them to treat it is as a pleasure not a pressure.

Mommies, do you have other tips to share?  We would love to know that by posting your comments!

Happy Parenting!!!

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